Formal vs Informal Dresses

mbv353March 26, 2009

I'm confused about the difference between a formal and an informal gown. Is it having a train that makes the difference?

Would a floor-length dress with no train be acceptable for a backyard ceremony at 11 AM?

Thanks for any input you may have.

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You are correct that a formal gown usually has a fairly long train, not a very short one. A floor length dress with no train sounds just right for an 11 a.m. outdoor ceremony. Because the wedding is early in the day, the bridesmaids and the mothers should wear shorter dresses, not long ones.

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I'm from the school of thought that any dress, even with a train can be not as formal as some dresses without. It all depends on the over all style of the dress.

Even though you are getting married outside, you do what makes you happy. You are the one that has to live with the photos, will you kick yourself if you have something that doesn't live up to that?

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Thanks ladies. Saw a pattern for a dress I love - it has a hi-low hemline but it is floor length in back, so I was wondering about that. I won't be making it too glitzy.

And thanks for the info about the bridesmaids, now that I sit back and picture it all, that does make sense. I would have never thought of that on my own.

Not much into clothes, can't remember when I last wore a dress. Prom, I guess LOL

Thanks again

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It's your wedding. Wear whatever is your dream! Just make sure the style of the bridesmaids matches the style of your dress. I found a beautiful dress that was kind of "loose/dreamy/running through the wildflowers" feeling but had already bought my bridesmaid dresses (long black cocktail type dresses) and it didn't match them at all. Found another dress more clean lined that I loved and made a much better match.

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I agree with roslvr. The style of the dress is what makes it formal or informal. Plus it depends on how detailed it is, etc. For example is it simple and elegant, busy looking with all the glitzy stuff, etc.

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