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jena_llanMarch 12, 2009

I too plan to have a SweetHeart Table just for the two of us. In addition, we will have 2 tables for the wedding party. One for the groomsmen and their dates/significant others and one for the bridesmaids and their dates/significant others. Most of my wedding party and their dates do not know each other and I wanted everyone to be comfortable and have a fun time. Since there tables will be on either side of us, we won't be alone. Should be fun

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Did you have a question, or was this a comment in reponse to another post?

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We did it another way. We had a Royal Table. All the groomsmen, bridesmaids and their dates sat at a long table with the bride and groom in the center facing the dance floor. It was much more fun for the bride and groom to sit with their friends and have people to chat with instead of being the lone twosome at one table for everyone to stare at as they ate. Many of the people at the Royal Table did not know other people at the table, such as the groom's sister and her boyfriend and another groomsman. Of course, they knew the couple. The best man was the groom's father, so he sat with his wife at their table with their close friends. Another groomsman was the bride's single brother, who sat with our family. Once the meal was over and toasts completed, everyone was up and dancing the night away. I highly recommend the Royal Table for the special camraderie it provides the wedding party.

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In our community, I almost never see any kind of head table, sweetheart table, or royal table. Members of the wedding party are seated with whoever they would be seated with if they were not in the wedding party -- i.e., school friends with school friends, cousins with cousins, or however you are seating your guests.

The bride and groom sit at a regular (perhaps extra large) table, in the middle of the other tables, with their closest family. What that includes kind of depends on how large the families are! When the parents are divorced and don't get along, sometimes you see them at tables with their own close relatives or friends, and the bride and groom sit with siblings, grandparents, etc. In fact, it's so rare to see the bride and groom seated alone or with their attendants rather than with their family, it makes people wonder if there is some problem (although I wouldn't wonder this if I were a guest at a wedding in some other community).

This may be a reflection of Jewish weddings being more family focused than wedding party focused. But whatever the reason, I prefer it. I think it's uncomfortable to eat a meal on a dais.

The OP wrote, "Most of my wedding party and their dates do not know each other and I wanted everyone to be comfortable and have a fun time." Well, if I were one of her attendants, I would be more comfortable and have more fun if she seated me with whatever group we are naturally part of, not with people who happen to be attendants, too. Not that I wouldn't make the best of it and enjoy meeting the people from other areas of her life, but if what she is after is making them comfortable, I would recommend that, for the reception, she think of them as guests first and attendants second.

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Sounds great, gellchom. I just don't care for the Sweetheart Table isolation. The reception is a celebration of significance to family and friends and so I like the togetherness. The bride's family traditionally are the hosts, and the event is supposed to be social, friendly; how does isolation fit with that? Although not all our attendants/groomsmen and their dates knew each other, they were of the same age and similar backgrounds and had a great time together. Some people would not have known anyone else there either, so it all worked out very nicely.

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