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borderbelleMarch 27, 2006

My daughter is getting married and for table favors, I made little seed packets, containing pansy and marigold seeds. I had originally thought to just put their names and wedding date on the packets, then realized everyone will wonder the signifigance of the seeds....

So now, I think I should add a few lines, but my brain has cratered out on creativity....and any help would be most appreciated....

Gratefully...Kim K

Wedding is April 8, 2006

Karie loves pansies


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Congratulations on your daughter's marriage, Kim K!

Why do you think anyone will wonder about the significance of the seeds? If I were one of your guests, I would just assume that the significance is "party favor."

Do you mean that you want the guests to know that these are their favorite flowers? If so, perhaps you could attach a little note that says something like:

Thank you for celebrating with us.
We hope you will enjoy these pansies and marigolds -- our favorite flowers -- in your garden this summer.
Karie & Justin
April 8, 2006

I don't think you need a poem; in fact, I usually find them kind of cutesy. Just MHO. Besides, anyone who can write vivid prose like "my brain has cratered out on creativity" doesn't need meter and rhyme!

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When our friends were married a few years ago they had a country themed wedding. It was a casual affair. They got married in a field at a bird sanctuary. The reception was held in a large barn. For favors they had on the tables 3" high terra cotta flower pots. They had decorated the outside of the pots with their names, the date of the wedding, a simple design of a vine and flower.I believe they used a paint pen. Inside the pot they put a small envelope filled with flower seeds. The poem on the outside of the envelope read;

Silly ideas make happy the bride & groom
so plant these seeds and think of them
when the wild flowers bloom.

I doubt that people will wonder what the significance of the flowers mean. I know my husband and the guests at our table didn't. It was just a cute favor that went along with the country theme. NancyLouise

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what about something like:

Please plant these seeds and watch them bloom, just like Justin and Karie, the bride and groom!

Best of luck and congratulations!


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