Problems with Lincoln Windows?

yokohillJanuary 5, 2008

Does anyone have any experience with Lincoln Windows? We are in the process of a complete remodel and have spent thousands of dollars on their windows. The gliders on the west side of the house are leaking badly. They also glide poorly. The establishment where we purchased them will not accept any responsibility, stating the windows have "design problems". They did not mention any "design problems" when we purchased them, of course. Any suggestions would be of great help.

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With most wood windows companies, the slider is their draftiest window. That doesn't necessarily mean it has design problems, that's just the way it is. It's one of the cheapest windows but one of the draftiest. It's the most common type of window found on modern apartment buildings. Window companies have a statistic for each window type called the "air infiltration rate," which is a measurement of how much air can get through the window when a 25 MPH wind is blowing against the window. Again, with most window companies, the slider has the highest air infiltration rate. I wouldn't say that Lincoln has a design flaw in their sliders, instead I would say that sliders in general are not the best choice if one is looking for the most airtight design. And Lincoln itself (just my opinion) is your basic average window. I've used plenty of them, including sliders. It's not the best but it's not the worst.

There's not much you can do about the situation but here are some possibilities. First, the possibility exists that they're not installed square, so check for that. Second, check that the weatherstrip is all in place and not torn or missing (very unlikely though). Finally, you could install a storm/screen combination on the outside of the windows. It will only increase your glass temperature by about 3°, but will act as a windbreaker to cut down on the air infiltration. When replacing windows, if someone has sliders and their main reason for replacing them is because of draftiness, I always mention that a two-wide casement or awning is more airtight but more money. That way they are aware of the variables of air infiltration and can make an informed decision based on what they find most important. I wish you the best in 2008!

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Thanks for the info. Our problem isn't actually air leakage, it's water leakage. Evidently, the windows are rated at 30 and we just had a high wind/rain storm. We occasionally have storms where wind exceeds 30mph with rain. I don't want to have to worry about this. The windows are double-sliders, and the seal between the two sliders leaked so badly that water went down the walls to the 1st story and pooled on the floor downstairs. We also have double-hung windows and they did fine. We are in construction now, and can't put the third stucco coat on until we resolve this. The supplier didn't tell us the double-sliders were rated differently than the double-hung. I am thinking the best thing would be to replace the windows, but it is a big expense, and we feel that Lincoln and the supplier have some responsibility here.

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I have a house constructed in early 1990's. The windows are Lincoln and require total replacement. The center piece of wood holding up the glass is totally rotten. Glass is literally falling within the frames. Would steer clear of these.

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Don't buy Lincoln thermopane windows. Everyone in our neighborhood has had to replace Lincoln windows. We have had to replace 9 windows so far and now another one has gone bad. The warenty is now over but even with the warranty it costs hundreds of dollars each time. My next door neighbor has had to replace every window in her home. They are thermopane and the seal breaks, the gas leeks and the windows get fogged. Not only that, Lincoln doesn't have many distributers (only one in our city of well over a million residents) so we can't get competitive bids. They are custom, so we can't change to another company. We are very unhappy with the product and recommend against purchasing them if you can find another product.

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I built my first home on the water in the Hamptons and was talked into installing Lincoln windows.I had a double slider in the master bedroom,and the air and water would come shooting thru the doors.They were absolutely horrible.Lincoln was helpful in sending people over to remedy the problem,but the soultion wsnt perfect.

Needles to say,i wouldnt touch them with a 10 foot pole

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Wow, I am a contractor and have been installing Lincoln windows for many years. I mostly install the thermopane, metal clad exterior, wood interior, simulated divided light 2 over 2. I have only had some very minor problems with a few windows. I have honstly installed close to 1000 of their windows, I have also installed dozens of patio and entry doors of every size and style and have only had 1 problem. A set of 6070 french style, exterior swing, one side fixed came with a small bow in the frame. The replaced it. The doors also locked strangly and they sent out a rep to fix the doors. I hate to hear about all these problems!

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These windows are HORRIBLE!!!!! They leak and we cannot even see out of them! Apparently, there is a problem with the seals. Some of them won't stay up because the stopper is broken. Wooden windows are horrible.

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I can't believe all the people that have problems with their Lincoln windows are exactly lke mine!!! We built our home in 1999 and we first complained the first year. We have since replaced some of the glass because of seals broken. Would never recommend these windows to anyone. Customer service is terrible also.

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We built our house in the mid 90's. We compared Lincoln to Anderson at the time and went with Lincoln to save some money. Both brands appeared the same. About 8 years ago the first window went bad. Same seal problem as most people. Over the years we've replaced another 3-4 because they get all hazy between the panes. Now one of our huge trapizoid windows is all hazy and the other is starting to show signs.I may have saved hundreds at first but is now costing thousands and a whole lot of trouble. Thanks a lot Lincoln-never again. Nice house-crappy windows.

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We also had Lincoln windows installed in every house in our development. Many of the windows leaked, warped and/or deteriorated. I ordered $6,000 worth of replacement windows. When I stained the wood with new golden oak stain and used sealer, parts of the wood took the stain fine, but others turned black! Sanding did not help. The wood is of poor quality and defective. Lincoln refuses to do anything to help me. They will not stand by their product. I would steer clear. Does anyone else have stain issues with Lincoln windows?

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We have a house with Lincoln windows that were installed in 1994. All of the 19 windows have rotted sash and frame and will need to be replaced. The bottom of sash falls off of the glass when the casements are opened. The frames on half of them are so rotted that the hardware has detached. It was a very poor design, the aluminum does not prevent the moisture from the wood of the frame. Then the sash and frame sit, wood to wood and rot away. We are now getting quotes on Anderson, Pella and Marvin windows. I won't even bother calling Lincoln anymore....they simply don't care! All they have to do is show a little responsibility for their mistake and try to alleviate their customers problems. I'm not asking them to give us new windows, just admit you made an error in design and assist us with a remedy. I guess that is too much to ask. One happy customer can be worth thousands of dollars in advertising, and one dissatisfied customer can cost them alot more...They have alot to learn about the affect of customer service.

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If your looking to avoid future problems be careful with potentially using Pella, and there are Andersen series to be careful with as well.

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Wow. I'm amazed at how many people have the same problems with Lincoln windows that I have. We built our home about 20 Years ago and the custom builder we used went out if business a few years later. Apparently there was a recall on our windows, but we never heard about it. Then when the windows stared failing we started calling and got the cold shoulder from Lincoln Windows. They told us to call the dealer in our area. Each time I called them they said they would come out to look at them, but they never seem to make it out. Terrible windows and terrible service and support. Stay away from them. Seems like they would care enough to take care of their previous customers. Is there anything else we can do to make them reimburse us for their terrible product?

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Never have heard of a "recall" on any brand windows.

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The don't call them leaky Lincoln's for nothing.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Sad misuse of a great man's name in this case.

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I looked at a job on friday that had about 15 year old, aluminum clad Lincoln casements. The glass was fogged, the bottom rails were falling off, the sills were rotted out. The aluminum cladding on the sill only comes in a couple of inches and is not secure and the sill is flat as well. It's almost like they went out of there way to design it for failure.

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I have been using Lincoln Windows for years in my business. I have found that the window industry as a whole manufactures windows much differently than they did 10 to 20 years ago, so many of the issues that caused windows to leak have been addressed by most of these manufacturers.
Lincoln has performed well for me now that they have extruded aluminum on all their products, unlike some manufacturers such as Pella, Andersen, Jeld Wen, and Kolbe, which still use the old roll form metal on their windows.
Lincoln is making a great product and I get value out of using them.

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Sorry barry, but having registered today is not going to help make your point believable. As far as roll form vs extruded a no brainer and you will NEVER see a pro on here recommend any of the above with roll form, nothing at all from Pella, Jeldwen or Lincoln. And what does Andersen make that uses roll form aluminum cladding?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

What want to go...?

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Bring it!!!

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Windows on Washington Ltd


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