Wet Saw Question

gcpommomMay 19, 2008

Hello again. Well, I got a wet saw, and finally used it today! It was pretty cool, and I did ok on it. But I have a question: can I dump the water from the pan down the drain, or will the wet 'dust' in the bottom cause problems with the plumbing? It is in my basement, so I can't really carry it up the stairs full.

Thanks for your help!


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The dust in the bottom of mine turns hard when all the water is gone and the debris is allowed to dry. I think it is from cutting plates. I would not dump it down the drain. It would probably be okay to let the dust settle to the bottom, then carefully pour off most of the water, and then empty the rest into a container and carry it upstairs.

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Dump it OUTSIDE!! It will clog your drains. Grout will too.

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Thanks! That's what I was guessing, but wasn't sure. I think I'll just move it outside for the summer to make things easier.

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That's what I do, GC - work outside. I get water everywhere when I use mine. I cut a bunch of plates yesterday, and I'm having trouble w/the water hose reaching the blade - think it may have to do w/it needing cleaning if I'm doing a lot of plate cutting. Creates quite a bit of sludge and if the water isn't cleaned often, it can clog the hoses. Oh, BTW - I seem to remember NT uses that slude to mix w/her cement work. Post up, NT, if I'm remembering correctly.

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I just bought me one yesterday evening because I got tired of trying to get tiles cut. I started out covering a desk in the office in tiles and then went from that to 3 small tables for the patio. I LOVE working with ceramic tiles!

Plates? what are you all doing with plates?

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Use the wet saw to cut plates to make tiles. I cut into the footer, dividing the plate edge into about an inch, depeneding on the design on the rim. Then w/the wheeled nipper dedicated for plates/tiles, I nip them apart, saving the center of the plate. Guide the edge of the center along the blade to smooth/grind it evenly for use as a whole piece or break/cut it up into smaller pieces.

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