Sunrise Windows are they available in CA??

mrianne55January 22, 2010

Finally posting my questions after researching replacement windows for the last 4 months.I've read all the windows forum and finally decided on what I think are one of the best ones out there. I want to personally thank Skydoggy and Oberon for the countless hours you two have spent on explaining the technicals and mechanicals of ratings and the how there made, and what their made of. This is by far the most informative forum that I've come across and I think I've seen them all. Who'd of thought that there is so much involved in producing windows!! Alot of the higher end vinyls aren't available here that you've recommended. I live on the central coast of California. I really want sunrise casement windows and patio doors. They have all the options I want. Shades between the glass,LoE(the soft application), argon gas,the color choices for the inside and outside. The complete product is 100% American made and the narrow frame and I could go on and on. I like everything about them, the perfect window for me and then I tried to find out where the closest dealer out here is and I'm not finding. I emailed them this morning and have not heard anything yet. Do you guys know if they are available here?? It took me forever to find a window with everything I wanted and now I'm realizing that I just might not be able to get them. If that's the case who's windows would even come close to their's that I should start looking at?? I also want the 100% lifetime guarantee like sunrise's has. Any ideas?

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