Isaiah Zagars Magic Garden..

meadelMay 1, 2009

I went to Philadelphia today and had a blast looking at these mosaics.

This man is amazing. I can't begin to describe what I saw.. difficult to photograph it all. I wish I had a wide angle lens.

Slow, I kept thinking of you the whole time ! You've gotta go !

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out my pic's.. and drool : )

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Doncha just love his work. Every time I look at pictures of his work, I get a new shot of inspiration. Wish I had a couple more life times to spend mosaicing. Your pictures are great. Wish I had time to take off and go, but springtime is here and I have toooooooo much work to do. Also wish I could shut things down and go visit Riana and do some mosaicing on her new work. Now THAT's an amazing woman. Thanks, MEADEL, for sharing.

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Great pics, so inspirational. Makes me want to mosaic anything that isn't moving, lol.

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Meadel, I just posted a similar thought about Slow being our gal to do the Zagar garden and house. LOL. Would love to see in person.

Thanks for sharing the link.

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i love his work. seeing a show about him is what got me interested in mosaic in the first place.

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I have to keep looking at the photos, knowing that I missed a lot of detail. It was overwhelming. Slow, it was the closest I could get to your work. Someday I have to go west and see your Queendom. You have always been such a inspiration to me !

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Oh, he must be taking lessons from Slow.........(grin)

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Yeah, right, y'all - y'all give me waaaaay too much credit. I think he has help. Y'all crack me up. MEADEL - it's not that far - check Mapquest - get on the Amtrak, or a plane or your car, and get on down here. W/LOVE to have you. If I were younger, and wasn't trying to get it all done in a rush b/f I move to Heaven, I'd love to emulate your awe-inspiring work.

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