Old wooden toolbox

junkyardgirlDecember 10, 2007

I have a large old wooden tool box that is in pretty good shape. I've actually been using it as a toolbox, but decided to try to make it into something useful. Any ideas? It's about 3 feet long. I would love to use it as a towel rack/tissue holder in my bathroom, but it's too big.

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I have a toolbox on my counter in the kitchen. It holds old Mason jars filled with my sugar, flour, tea bags, etc :)

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You could use it for all kinds of things, Potted plants, magazines, books, whatever. Here is one I worked on last summer. I added the spindles to dress it up a bit.

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You could hang it on the wall by the bottom which makes the box part into a shelf. Place things inside the box and on the top (which is actually the side of the box) and hang a quilt from the handle. Or old feed bags, depending on your decor.


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Great ideas! I love them all, and robolady, your pic is so cute! I would have never thought of sawing spindles in half to use as decorations. Boy, I'm learning a lot here.

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ooohh..............little white lights in that greenery would look really nice !

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Mine is very similar to Robolady's. It's 2 1/2 feet long and my DH stained it and planted flowers in it for our deck. It looks wonderful.......

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