Curb shoppers...what did you kick yourself for NOT picking up?

junkyardgirlDecember 10, 2007

I saw that my neighbor had put an end table that matched my bedroom set out on the curb. I kept meaning to pick it up, but something always stopped me. Then it was gone, and now I could kick myself for not getting it when I could have! I need an end table, because I let my ex take mine, and I'm using one that doesn't match. When I redo my room, I'd like to have all the furniture match in style, even though I'm repainting it all white.

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long ago, before I was so into T to T, I remember I passed by a really antique baby carriage put out to the garbage. Oh, I wanted it so badly, but couldn't bring myself to take it.......but NOW......I would grab it and never look back!!!

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Just a few weeks back I saw a wooden table with the neatest legs on it. They were very intricate and I thought if the table top was bad, I could always use the legs off of it. But I knew it had to be very heavy, my husband was working late and I'm pregnant, so I couldn't lift it! Then the garbage came and I'm still kicking myself for not going to the person's house and asking if I could just scootch it back into their yard and pick it up later or the next day. Argh!

Here is a link that might be useful: My T2T projects

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Would you believe two white wicker chaise lounge chairs!I was in the middle of a 50 mile trip. I had my grand daughter in the carseat in the back seat of the car and just couldn't figure out how I'd get them both home. I went back the next day but of course they were gone! I drive by that way several times a week and kick my self every time I pass that house!!!!I should have figured out something!!!

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I wish we had better curb shopping here - nothing but actual garbage ...... darn.

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Two things-
The neighbor had a bench that goes with a picnic table and I drove by it three times (Never, ever hesitate!).

Our local city had trash pick up day (this year I get my husband's truck!!)- there was wicker, and this large wooden thing that could have been a potting bench.

They still make me sick to think of them in the trash.


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My neighbor had one of those bright red bathtubs -- it cost between $2000 and $3000 in 1975. She never used it . . . it was just for decor. A few years ago they sold the house. The new people gutted it, and early one morning on the way to an appointment, there was J's beautiful bathtub on top of the stuff in the dumpster. No way could I get it down, but boy have I regretted not calling someone and paying to have it rescued. It was gone within an hour.

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I had picked up an old steamer trunk and put it in the basement. Unfortunately it reaked of musk and everytime I opened the basement door I could smell it. I dragged it outside and threw it out. All that morning I thought that I could have used it as a planter outside and hurried home at lunch to pull it back out of my trash. Too late, garbage truck had come and it was gone. I still look around for one on my drives.

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Nuthin'. I never pass up anything that I want. At least, I can't remember anything that I passed up. I brought home a huge bookcase one time....and I mean huge!! The guy who owned it had put it on the curb and he helped me get it in my truck.
It stuck out the back. Got home, and realized, I had no one to help me unload it. My husband wasn't going to be home, and I needed to get it out of the truck...couldn't drive around with it in there. I started pulling it it to slide, got it halfway and saw that I couldn't hold it...tried to balance the end on my upper chest while I got a better grip on it, and cracked a rib, it was so heavy!
I had to let it drop. Never hurt it tho. My husband said it probably weighs close to 300 lb. Solid walnut, crown molding and reeded wood dividers in it.

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OMG Marilyn, I can't believe you actually cracked a rib getting that thing out of the truck (you're not kidding are you???)!! Do you have pics of that bookcase, I'd love to see it, it sounds like such a great find.


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A beautiful vintage wedding gown!!! A very wealthy man was cleaning out his old homestead(he doesn't live here in the country, but in NYC)and left a yard full of garbage(treasures unknown to him). I went through and got two truck loads of antique everything!!! I threw the last two bags in my truck just as the garbage truck pull up, but sad to say, for some STUPID reason, I didn't grab the dress!!!

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I will let you know what I wanted but did not pick up on may 3rd during our city wide clean-up.I will also let people know what I get while curbshopping.

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A neighbors REAL brass floor lamp...the heavy kind.
I walked pass it twice on my morning jaunt. Even discussed it with my walking partner who said I should take it. That afternoon, I took the car back to pick it up, and it was gone. ;(

We bought a house, did some renovations, included installing some very nice, brand new, sage green carpeting in the upstairs bedrooms. The next year, we decided to sell. A few days after moving, I drove by our old house and there was all that new carpeting on the street curb! I was so shocked, it didn't occur to me to try to pick it up.

What I have rescued:

A white picket fence. Yes, you read that correctly. I picked up a pile of white pickets that someone had taken down from their yard. Took it back home and reassembles in my yard. I even made a matching gate.

A very large painted Santa Claus Gourd. Really cute, too!

Moving boxes. Found a china tea kettle in one, but took it back to the neighbor. In another box, I found my neighbor and friends decoupage wedding plaque.

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