Nearly Done U Kitchen w/pix (needs backsplash of course!)

colorfastMay 15, 2012

Some of you have probably given up on me, but a reveal is finally here. After a summer of barbecuing and washing dishes in the laundry sink, we mostly finished our kitchen. Took a break for the holidays and then dug into the kids' bathroom (still in progress). Backsplash still not decided. I need to do tile in the bathroom, so I am wanting to do all of that at once.

This has been a partial DIY. We designed the layout roughly around the same U. One goal was to create better, more reachable storage, as we were so packed. We were able to get a lot of clutter off my counters, including the microwave. We also made one wall of cabinets across from our U deeper, and we added a small counter there for toast and sandwich making. We also had one cabinet on the peninsula but lightened it up with glass doors on both sides, also allowing a pass through of dishes for tablesetting. We were able to make all these ideas come true because we had a custom cabinetmaker who worked with us.

Thanks to all of you who answered me: palimpsest, rhome, breezy, remodelfla and many more, also to the paint, plumbing, flooring and electrical boards. Special thanks to Sparklekitty for posting her red birch kitchen. On to what we all really want: The pictures.


There was a whole wall of cabinets with 7-inch deep shelves (there were 3 more like this example):

Dark corners (no lazy Susans or other help) In reality these counters were way more full of stuff, including a huge crockpot, blender, and more.


As we enter the room from entryway/hall:

The door looked narrow before when it went to the ceiling; we added an arch:

Small Pantry to right of microwave (a friend pointed out that a few shallow shelves are nice) Love the spice rack:

Yes, Virginia, stockpots really do fit in a drawer!

Many of the items in this cab were in children's bedrooms; a few were tucked away in awful dark corners:

Still need a hanging light over table (your ideas welcome...needs to be on a chain not a straight pole):

And now my two favorites:

My Dynamic blue Granite:

Rev-a-shelf Two-stage Corner Pullout. I didn't have room for a lazy susan due to the size of the U. I get SOO much stuff on this baby. Plus all the guys love the engineering of it. We took video before the counters went in.

Stats and specs:

Cabinets: Red birch, natural color/conversion finish

Granite: Dynamic Blue

Flooring: Shaw Wood Laminate SL244 Natural Values II in 651 Fairfield Pine

(Style 0244U Color 00651)

Refrigerator: Kenmore

Microwave: Kenmore (includes convection)

Hood: Frigidaire from AJ Madison

Sink: Silgranit Anthracite 50/50

Faucet: KWC (model discontinued)

Dishwasher: Kenmore (3 years old)

Stove: GE Gas (very pre-existing)

Pulls and knobs: Amerock Wrought Iron Dark, Pull BP19202WID Knob BP1586WID

Favorite features: My blind-corner pull-out and my pass-through glass cabinet

Still to do:

Backsplash (Your ideas welcome)

Light fixture over the table (your ideas welcome)

New table (would like expandable to seat 8-10 prefer 36"wide)

Window treatments (lower priority for now)

Organizers in 1-2 drawers

Shaw Wood Laminate Closeups

Amerock Hardware

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Nice! And another ABBS (all but Backsplash)
Beautiful Granite - should be fun hunting for a backsplash!

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Nicely done and that granite is gorgeous!!!! You have done a wonderful job with the existing space, great storage and it looks so streamlined and functional! Can't wait to see the backsplash ideas!!!

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Very nice!! The granite is beautiful. It reminds me of shiney polished soapstone. Beautiful.

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colorfast: OMG, we had exactly the same old cabinets! Med-dark 1973 pecan with that same routed shape on the front. We've torn ours out and donated the ones we won't use again (good riddance to the scary, horrible blind corner base!), but saved some of the uppers, as we may try to use them (sans terrible doors) in our DIY reno. We even had the same uppers-hanging-above-the-range-to-block-the-view-to-the-seating-area situation going on. What a lovely (almost) finished kitchen! Great choices, great execution. Love the Rev and the countertop. Way to go! DIYers unite!

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Congrats! Beautiful job. Love that stone!

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Very nice! Love the revashelf.

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Beautiful! I love that granite. It's going on my list of possibilites to go with the natural cherry cabinets I'm planning for my new house.


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Thank you all for your thoughts and support. The community here helped me pick my granite--I had one really long post with photos and had people give their opinions. Laura, I got it at a company called Cosmos; they are in several cities.

Gemini, I love ABBS! Shorter to write, that's for sure.

Mizinformation--I am rooting for your success! Our shelves weren't adjustable and given the number of other cabinets we needed, we opted to completely start over. Did you have those wonderful soffits to remove? We all had a turn with the Sawzall at least once. We did save a number of 2x4s from the soffits, and I have pix of my mother-in-law pulling nails out of them.

B/S: I am leaning toward a light blue for the backsplash to pick up the color in the granite. I have seen some glass ones I like (kinda spendy for my budget) but now I'm stuck on what I'm doing with my shower. (I'd want all the tile done at the same time.)

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Looks terrific. I can just see DH, who is an engineer, loving your corner pullout too.

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Very nice!

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Isn't it interesting that one doesn't really have to change much of a footprint, to create so much more efficiency in the same area?


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Wowzer love all the really cool ways your cabinets work.

Now you got me thinking about my next project. Hehehe
Oh how dh is going to want to leave me..bwahahaha

Great job..

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BEAUTIFUL! Wow, what a great kitchen. Those cabinets are gorgeous, and the double-sided glass cabs are the perfect feature. Love the granite and hood and, well, the whole thing. Your kitchen gives off such a great vibe. Wonderful job!

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What an amazing transformation! Love your gorgeous stone. Enjoy your beautiful new space!!

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Thank you all for the compliments.

CEF, I think of you when I think about that arch. While the door opening was the standard size in our area, because there was no lintel it looked more narrow than it was. We literally bought a $7 piece of curved garden fencing from Home Depot and I traced it to get the shape of the arch. Then my husband had to frame it, and we had to get this flexible sheetrock to cover the underside of the arch. Finding out about the existence of flexible sheetrock and where to buy it (not the big box stores) was also sleuthing and luck. Then lots of taping, mudding and sanding. In a small way, the arch was in the spirit of what you a are doing--I have been avidly following your posts with the butcherblock counters!

Sorry if this photo is too big. I know the rules are to shrink them but I'm in a bit of a hurry.

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