A 'trashy/treasure' Christmas

des_arc_ya_yaDecember 9, 2004

How much of your Christmas decorating involves things that you've "created" from other stuff?

I have two rusted metal store rack/fixtures that will soon go up on the mantel. I put tiny strings of white lights on them last year and loved them!

How about you? Got stories/ideas to share?

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I have an idea which I'm going to implement (and take pics of) in the next few days...
I'm going to take some vintage ornaments, place them inside a glass cloche, and display them on a cakestand. The ornaments, cloche, and cakestand are all thrift-shop finds.
I'm also going to display some ornaments on candlesticks. Pics to come later.
Would love to see pics of those metal fixtures w/lights, Des Arc Ya Ya !

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I trash picked a wooden high chair that lost its tray. I painted it white and distressed it. An old Christmas bear sits in it. He is holding yard sale Christmas picks, berries, bells and beads. He is wearing a stocking cap my daughter made out of felt at school. Very cute.
barbara52: I have done the vintage ornaments in the same manner in the past and it is a very chic look. This year, I put them in a tall wide glass vase with pearls intertwined. Looks very cool. I am thinking of putting some vintage ornaments in a yard sale bird cage I have and putting a wide ribbon with a bow tied around the base. Someone gave me the idea at another forum

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I had a "chance" at two wooden chairs this morning....DH said where are you going to put them???? LOL We had to move into a smaller place, darn, I want those chairs!!!!

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made a lap rug. out of scraps and remnants I collected from my weekend job.

made two scarfs out of the polar fleece left over from the backing.

made another lap rug.

used a thrift-shop flannel sheet as the backing

took all the pink and gold scraps I had left, and sewed them all together- and got a THIRD lap rug out of them.

going to back it with upholstery velvet I bought for a buck at a yard sale this summer just because it was SUCH a deal (never thought I'd have a use for pink velvet)

going home tonight, and try out the 'rag quilt' technique to see if I can make some coasters- I think toile coasters would be fun :)

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When my kids were little I was looking for a project to keep them busy while I decorated the tree and yet let them be apart of it all. What I came up with was using packing peanuts...the ones with the holes in them..strung together on dark green yarn with plastic sewing needles.
The kids had a blast stringing the peanuts and when we were done we put them on the tree....it looked like snow had fallen on the tree.
This was 20 some years ago....what I thought was going to be a one time decoration has turned into a must have on the tree.

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I have an old rack that held bags of chips, that I got from Sherree, holding Christmas cards and the 2004 dose of family pictures!!! I changed her pretty peach colored ribbon to one that is red plaid!!! Looks pretty cute on my wall!

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Merry Christmas to All. Here are my decorations made with "trash" -- vintage ornaments and bottle-brush trees, fake snow, cake stands, and garden cloches. Everything except the snow is from the TS or flea market.


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I picked up a wooden highchair (no tray)and had a guy glue the spindles and restain it(cost $5.00). I put a Teddy Bear in it. I also have a chips rack..never thought to use it for cards.

Jay Bird ...what are cloches?

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