new to glass on glass mosaics

andi_mnMay 1, 2010

hello from minnesota. i recently saw some very simple framed pics done with stained glass pieces on glass. i would like to do a few for my garden. wondering what glue you would use for this outdoor proj. i bought a huge thing of 'weldbond' but am wondering if that will hold outside. would like to see pictures of anyone elses glass on glass. thanks (i'll be around, would also like to do a mosaic on wood for the garden also) andi

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Hi There! I use outdoor silicone adhesive for most projects...and mostly I do outdoor garden art. You can look up my post about 3 projects I just did, I have the tulip flower outside with a solar light in it...luv it! And I light up my pineapple every night, (it's sitting in my Art Room till I get some outdoor wiring/plug-in done) I personally wouldn't use welbond outside....

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weldbond is a no-no for outdoors. GEII or any clear silicone will work for GOG outdoors as well as Lexel which is a type of silicone.
Wood is another no-no for outdoors, it will eventually warp and crack and your work will be ruined.
Nice to meet you and would love to see your work!

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What WACKY said - exactly.

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Yes I agree. Using silicone is a good idea for outdoor glass installation. I am in the tile business and I would also recommend a product called Durabond D-40. It is made to bond to glass tiles and can also be used for outdoor ceramic tile. If you have any questions please e mail me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass Mosaic Adhesives

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