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terissdDecember 16, 2004

While rummaging through some debris behind a building being remodeled, I found quite an assortment of old ceiling tin. I've was able to drag a bit of it home. Now, what to do with it.... We plan on building a new home in the next year or two and I'd like to be able to incorporate some of it in the plans. I didn't get enough for a ceiling but maybe a backsplash in the kitchen or at least behind the stove. Some of the squares are 12 x 12 and some larger.

Any ideas?

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Lucky lucky you!! Are your pieces painted, and do they have an embossed design? I've seen some of these made into neat frames for pictures or mirrors. The backsplash idea sounds great too. Let us know what you decide, and show pics if possible, please!

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Lucky you! I would love to find some. Merry Christmas

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OK! i'm jealous!!!Those go for alot of money these days. I have seen them used in lots of ways. Wall hangings, wall pockets... can't wait to see what you do.

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When we remodled a year ago, I found a fireplace mantle made of those tins. I believe it came from Wisconsin and was made by a woman and her mother. I'll bet if you do a search on E-Bay, you might find them.

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Terri...I recieved three pieces of ceiling tin from freecycle. It's not real ornate...but my daughter made a suggestion that I might try with it...

Making window cornices with them...I will build the cornice with wood and attach these to the wood. I'll need to paint them. I think I'll use the crackle finish.


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I used a piece in a planter box and window frame. If you go to my albums, it is in the doors and windows album.

Here is a link that might be useful: doors and windows

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Lindy, you have some cool stuff! I peeked at your other albums. I have that same metal plant stand, except mine is red:

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So Teri, did you decide what to do w/your tin?

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I love those tin ceiling. My sister has an old store......BIG.......and the whole ceiling and some of the walls are tin panels. As well as huge tin molding. and the whole upstairs(which only gets used to store holiday stuff) is wall to wall tin panels. I'd like to find someone interested in buying all of what is upstairs and come in and take it all down for a nice price to help pay for the store. Wish I could afford it!

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Barbara,,, those planters seem to be plentiful but mine was not in good shape. It seems wobbly. I painted it this ugly yellow because that was the only can I had....I love your red. OH Man,,, lets not talk about ceiling tiles anymore. I get palpitations. ....I want a bunch!!!! I love it... and it is sooooo high on ebay. I only have 7 pieces now.. 2 x 2, but would love some l x l.....waaaaa

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I hope you don't mind me butting in but A friend of ours has a very large tile hanging above her mantel like a picture. On the opposite wall she has 4 very old shutters hanging in a staggered pattern it looks great. I never would have thought to do something like that.

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Slightly off topic - Lindy, I am SO jealous of your shed! Poor DH keeps hearing my shed lament.
As far as the columns, I've been keeping my eye out for those to use for pillar roses. It would make a beautiful display!

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I daho mom,,,, you know a secret? I haven ever planted roses...... afraid..!!! LOL Thankyou for your comment on my shed. I love it so much. It is full of stuff now for storage for the winter, but in the summer it is so fun for me to sweep out, decorate, store neat items until I get the time to make something. I don't really use it to store garden tools in....LOL It is like a playhouse!!!!!!! heeeehheee

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Well, it's time to get started! Get on the GardenWeb forums and check out the Antique Rose forum. Seriously, the antiques are not only gorgeous and fragrant but easy. They don't need all the tending the hybrid teas do - and oh, they take your breath away when they're in bloom! Your shed surrounded by roses would be a bit of heaven! :)

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hi, been awhile since I,ve posted , machine crashed hard and just got it online AND PROTECTED . I used 3 2x3 sheets of tin for a backsplash for my stove I used lath on the wall and attached it to that .
have seen scrap pieces like you have in barn wood frames for sale in retail shops . also saw them used as a mat for antique lookin pics .
I bought mine new from restorers catolog very pricey .I have a pc. of scrap and always thought that cutting a pc. of this into a switch plate cover would look good , just use a plastic one for the template and snips .
If they are painted Oven cleaner will help get through some of it . be careful I cut myself to the bone on a pc. of this . Rick do what you can ...where you are ...with what you have ...

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Terri...I got three pieces that are about 18 inches wide and about 4 feet long. They look like they were used the way roofing singles are, overlapped.
There is a design on the bottom part.

My daughter suggested I use them to make valances for my windows. Paint them white and chip them a bit. I think I'll try that this summer and see how they look.


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