Vintage Greeting Card Gift Tags

DruidClarkDecember 15, 2004

This past year, while digging through my DH's stuff, I found gift tags that his grandmother had made (he lived in her house) from old greeting cards. She did a *great* job of cutting them out and they are so nostalgic. From now on, I'm doing the same thing with my leftover holiday cards. I'm going to look for the old cards, too, since those images are often so much more interesting.

Best find of the season!

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I do this with all my Chrissie cards :->
After Chrissie, all the cards are taken down, the pictures are cut into gift cards for the following year. The written part is put into the recycle.


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How EXACTLY do you do this?

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Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I was out for the hollies. I'm not really sure! What Grandma did was to cut out the best part of the front of the card. Usually a scene or something. Sometimes there was a "back", other times just the shape. I found these and put a tiny hole in them w/ a paper punch and tied them onto the packages. Perhaps this idea works best w/ older cards. I haven't evaluated my cards from this year yet.

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