Junior Bridesmaids

goldenowner76March 29, 2004

I have a junior bridesmaid in the wedding. I was wanting her dress to be a different color than the bridesmaids. Maybe a way to incorporate the second color more into the wedding. Would this be ok? I just wanted other opinions. :)

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sure, it would be OK.

If I were the one picking, I'd have her match them in at least one way--either in style of dress (but different color) or different style of dress (but same color)

You'll also want to balance off how much it'll matter to your junior bridesmaid whether she'll look just like the big girls. Some girls might find that symbolism of the matching dress to be very important. Others will enjoy looking a little special.

My junior bridesmaid and junior groomsman were dressed just like the "big kids." But that was my preference. The different color would be fine.

MOH is often in a different color, so why couldn't the junior BM?

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my junior bridesmaids will be wearing silver. bridesmaids will be wearing purple, and maid and maitron of honor will be wearing blue. or something like that. i might just throw away the purple, but i love the way those three colors look together. i'm also allowing my bridesmaids to choose their own style of dress, because not everybody looks good in the same style and i want them to feel as beautiful as i will. anyway, back on the subject, i think that it will be fine to have them in a different color. if they start to fuss about it or get upset, just tell them that their color is special...or something. depends on the age of the child really.

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Sure it would be perfectly acceptable to have them in a different color. When my brother was married years ago, all the bridesmaids were wearing a different color. All different pastel colors. Looked really nice. You can do anything you want to...it's your wedding. NancyLouise

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I have thought about the same idea for my junior bridesmaid. My bridesmaids (who are close friends) are wearing wine and my junior bridesmaid (my niece) and my matron of honor (my sister) are wearing champagne. I'm glad to hear that someone else had this idea!

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Many jr. bridesmaids are too young to dress like the big girls, so it is most appropriate for them to look their age, including wearing a different color.

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my sister, who is gonna be 12 at the wedding, is actually in matching color as the rest of the BMs are, her dress is a different style, more appropriate to a little girl...i think that way you keep the uniformit and also don't have to incorporate another color if you don't want to.

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Hi, I'm new around here! But I found this forum so interesting because I had the same thing going on with my junior bridesmaid! I decided to have my matron of honor and my junior bridesmaid wearing a darker purple color in the same dress as my bridesmaids but with theirs a lighter color purple. I thought people might think it odd but I am glad to see it isn't so uncommon!

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