hmmmm.....what am I doing wrong?

annieluDecember 3, 2006

I'm using Tinypic, but it's not working!!!

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Not sure what you're doing wrong, if anything, Annielu.

A lot of members in these forums use "" to post their pics to the forum or "" You might try those site to upload your pics. If you have problems there are several posts you can do a search on to help you.

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I always copy the last line from Tinypic then do this:
(img src = "the url here in quotations")
Change the ( and ) to and it should work!

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Oh and you do know that you can upload your photo directly from your computer into the T2T gallery (little purple link right on the main T2T page right before the start of the posts)??

If you can't get tinypic to work, try that.

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