paying minister q. And rice-throwing.

row1March 10, 2005

Tomorrow/Friday is rehearsal, and Sat is the big day! I am trying to make sure everything is planned.

Would it be OK to pay the minister for his services at the rehearsal or rehearsal dinner? That way, it is out of the way for wedding day.

Also: reception is at church following service: as we leave, the rules say people can't throw rice, birdseed, and can't blow bubbles (soap may mess up fine clothes) - what if we provided little bells, and people rang those? I would just have to find 1/guest, which may be about 80.

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Oh, I like the idea of bells. So festive, and not at all destructive.

And I think it would be fine to pay the minister ahead of time.

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Definitely pay everyone that you can ahead of time. It saves many hassles on the wedding day. You should be able to purchase small bells at party supply stores. The guests can then keep them as a memento of the wedding.

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We paid our priest at the Rehearsal and that was just fine with him. I think I've seen little bells in various wedding accessory catalogs and online so it must be a fairly popular idea. I like it alot and it was an option we considered, although we went with bubbles because our theme was champagne and roses and we had champagne bottle and glass shaped bubbles.

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too late snapdragon!! we just got hitched last saturday!! everything went very well - the church had a wedding coordinator who was able to take all of our planning and people and make it all fall into place

--the wedding planner came up to me at rehearsal, and asked for checks for pastor, organist, soloist, and remainder of church fee - thus all of that was taken care of easily (as long as the checks clear!). plus, he took mariage license, and will be taking care of getting pastor's sig and submitting that.

if others don't have a wedding coordinator, it might help to have someone take on this role - at rehearsal and wedding day i did not feel like chasing anyone down or making more arrangements.

---the bells worked wonderfully, by the way, and i would endorse this idea for others - i asked my mom last week if she liked the idea, and she bought ~60 various little bells, and tied ribbon in the wedding colors. As the 2hr reception was winding down, and our chauffered ride to nice hotel showed up, my mom handed these out - everyone started ringing them, and lined up as my bride and i walked through this line to limo. it was really cool. when you throw rice or blow bubbles, it only is fun for the moment when the bride and groom pass right by you. but the ringing carried all the way down the hallway, to outdoors. and i think the bells will show up better in photos than bubbles or rice/birdseed.

that basically was the little gift for everyone to take home. if we had planned it more, we could have gotten them engraved. maybe a ribbon with wedding info printed on it. but it was cool as it was.

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Congratulations. I am glad to hear that everything went smoothly.

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