Mattress Spring Project

angel3090December 1, 2006

Hopefully this trash can be a treasure with this boardÂs creative help!

A friend of mine has been holding on to a twin size mattress spring. It is only the metal spring and has been outside and gotten a little rusty. The other day I asked her when she was planning on tossing it. She replied that she does not plan on tossing it because she wants to create something crafty with it, but has no idea what to do with it.

Please help me get some ideas for her. It looks really trashy lying beside her house waiting to find a purpose.

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My first thought is to make it the top of a little pergola in a secret garden. I've seen them used as a trellis for climbing plants - Clematis, Roses, Morning Glories etc. Wish I had one.

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1 - Some folks attach them to the side of their shed and use them as trellis' for climbing vines.

2 - The following pics were taken from the "Crafts and Decorations" forum and other sites - I do not take credit for these. The ones with the lace background were made by "Oddie" on that forum, and a couple made by "NonaCook" the ones with the trees on top of the heads - aren't they just stunning!! Oddie did post a msg in that forum on how she made hers.

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Thank you crafty lady for finding these ideas. I too have a bunch of old springs that I was wondering what to do with. I have put little candles in them and hung them up and put beads on them, but this idea is just wonderful.


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Other ideas is to put a fabric stuffed star on the top of the spring. I have some of those hanging around my home for decoration. My homemade star is about 7 inches in width for the star points and I have a scrap of long homespun material tied around the star with some pip berries attached to the material. Jack-o-lantern head decorations, etc. The possibilities are endless, just have to use your imagination.


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Wow! Those snowmen are adorable. I can't wait to show them to my friend. Thank you everyone for your ideas.

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My post disappeared....This is what I said--

Thanks for adding my name to this post, but none of these are mine. I do have some on my website if you would like to look. LOL I had not seen the ones with the trees before....


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I apologize Nonacook, I really did think they were yours on your website. Now I can't remember where I saw those with the trees in the head but again I will say, credit is due to whomever made them and they are beautiful.


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I saw someone over at Garden Junk attach a whole set of bed springs to the top of a pergola and light them with tiny white lights . . . . .or was it over someone's bed?

I can't remember, but you get the picture.

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Probably not what you had in mind, but I recently saw one of my friends neighbors hitch up an entire set of mattress springs to the back of his lawn tractor and use it to dredge and spread fresh gravel over his driveway. I thought it was hysterical to watch but very clever.

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