Nauti-Seahorse grouted

mermaidmosaicsMay 1, 2009

After a bunch of disasters including losing all most all of my design on kraft paper, I glued it all back on, and then grouted today.

I'm not really happy with the nautilus but the sea horses are okay. I just wish I wouldn't have lost the original.. ow well.. wont' be using kraft paper again. Learned a lot with this WIP

Here is the dock box. Finished and ready for sealer and a bit of clean up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nauti Seahorses

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No sign of a disaster there, girlie. It's BEAUTIFUL, and oh so professional. LOVE those tiles.

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We are our own worst critics. I may not be what it was the first time around, but it IS a beautiful piece. Don't be so hard on yourself. You did a great job.

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I really LOVE it! The colors are perfect for a beach scene, great job!

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Slow, Kati, Squirrelly, Thanks for your kind words. I'm just glad I'm done. Just got to seal, and then decide if i want to spray a coat of acrylic on it for added protection. Does any one here use acrylic as a final coat??

I've decided I'm really drawn to larger projects and can't wait to try some concrete Rianna type projects. Slow, I so wish I could have gone to that workshop you hosted. Been playing with the idea of having her come down here to Florida. but right now, it's just a dream. Tile is Cinca. You can buy a sample of all the 24(i think) colors in 6x6 . It's very affordable

OOPS, sorry for babbling. LOL Thanks Slow for being an inspiration to me. SMILE

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Wow I think it turned out just great. You had some hiccups and learned something from it and still ended up with a great project, be proud of it all.

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I can't see where there was any problems....I think it turned out beatiful!!! Lessons learned....It's great..

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Thanks, MER. I remember you said those were Cinca, and I looked them up. I guess I'm thinking the shipping w/be horrendous on tiles, so I just don't order them. Even special orders at Lowes is costly. Re Riana's workshops. If you want to host one, she asks that you get 8-10 people interested and signed on and she'll go to your place for two days. It was really a job to do, so think about it. I think it w/be less trouble for you to go to her place for one, and you'd get to see all her wonderful work and gardens. She is sending me a CD of her new work cuz her website lady is not performing. She also made some things for Sam at the Haciendo that I am to mosaic next trip. As soon as I finish these panels, I'm going to make a semi-circular low planter - and mosaic, of course, to go in front of my water feature to hide those little pots I have Mondo Grass in. It's really fun to make something from scratch. I have a planter in mind also - using that white wire thing by the fountain as a beginning armature to wrap the mesh around. Oh, so many plans and so little time.

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I think it's awesome and there's nothing like learning from mistakes - though I don't see ANY. That tan grout is so cool.

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Thanks Cindy, Slow and Cathy,
IT was a learning experience and I'm starting to like the project. You know when it takes awhile to do something, you look at it so long, you just don't keep perspective??
Slow, How cool that you will be mosaicing pieces that will be at the Haciendo!! that's quite a kudos. Glad you are keeping in touch with Rianna, the talent she has!!! I still have that magazine featuring her works back in the 90's. Imagine my surprise when I saw you were having her at a workshop. yep, I know it would be a huge project to get something like that together-which i why I said it was a dream. I would LOVE to go see her place and take that class. The only reason I wondered about it, was how can you take the project you work on home??? I have two of Sherry Warner Hunter's books and been reading up on doing her version of concrete, wonder how different it is than Rianna's?? Also I haven't posted them yet, but I've now made four stepping stones from scratch and their curing right now. SO MUCH FUN, and I LOVE making something from nothing..

I agree.. so many plans and so little time. LOL. I did buy some perlite at Lowes yesterday to try a hypertufa project. So want to make some plant pots.
enough babbling again for now.

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OOps, Ansgarden, sorry I missed your note. Thank you. I do love that sandstone grout. I used it on my front post too

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MER: Re taking your project home, you make a small enough one to carry on board, if you fly. I highly recommend you take her class in Feb. in Puerto Vallarta. You wouldn't believe what a wonderful week it is to be there in the most fabulous artist retreat, studying under Riana, eating the most wonderful food, seeing the art on the beach and around town. I made the small little niche w/cross for my project, and had to go to Walmart for a bag to carry it home. I literally drug that thing through DFW. Usually her demo is a head planter or upper torso, but you can make something small just to experience the technique, then make a larger project when you return home. I also have Sherry W/H's book. I think she uses styrofoam a lot, which Riana NEVER uses. IMO Riana's work is stronger and more durable.

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Thanks Slow for reminding me you went to Puerto Vallarata , I forgot all about several of the forum gals took that class. I can see you carrying your cross through DFW!! LOL. I think I would have to do that too, couldn't bear to see it in luggage.

The puerto vallarata trip just sounds so wonderful, I would love to go, wonder what's going to happen with the swine flu problem ?? Hope the Haciendo gal, Sam?, is doing okay with all of this happening.

I think I bookmarked your explanation of using Rianna's method, will check that out in a bit..

thanks again. Right now I'm getting excited about taking a class in portrait mosaics in Florida in Oct by Carol Shelkin. ( I guess it's okay to hijack my own thread?)LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: portrait mosaic lessons

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