Flowering Potted Plants

confused_but_hopefulMarch 30, 2008

Hi everyone.

I'm getting married in October or November of this year. Instead of cut flowers, I'd like to use flowering potted plants as center pieces, to reduce waste. My colors are navy and light blue. I figured for an accent color I can have burgundy/dark pink flowers, and that could expand my flower options. If anyone has any suggestions of types of flowers I could use, I'd really appreciate it!


ps- I'll post this on the garden forums as well.

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Depending on where you live, you may find that the primary potted plant available in October is chrysanthimums and they come in burgundy and pink. If you are unable to find flowering plants, I have had brides who used a variety of potted herbs for centerpieces.

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Asters work as well and some of the purples look blueish.

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We rented very big ferns and added good quality silk orchid stems. You couldn't tell they were not natural.

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If you are looking to save $$ and buy what will be available, mums it will be. Asters, while the right color very seldom are sold in pots blooming.
Another possibility might be African violets. They bloom in the colors you mentioned, are inexpensive, low and easy to see over and are and always available.
I would look for a grower now and order what you need in the colors you want, that way you can be sure of having just the colors you want. You shouldn't have to spend more than $4 per plant.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: yellow and pink violets

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You could also stretch your budget by putting the $4.00 flowering plants in a basket with some moss, color coordinated ribbon, etc. to make the whole thing look bigger. Add a few colored autumn leaves for a seasonal effect. You can press them with a very low temp iron between two pieces of waxed paper to keep them flat and pretty. I went to a fall wedding where the red and gold maple and oak leaves had been preserved and scattered on the tables, between the centerpieces. Beautiful and free.

Also-chrysanthimums do come in yellow and white.

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Have you considered using a fallish centerpiece, such as mini pumpkins, which come in both white and orange, and mini gourds. You could place them in bowls and surround with fall leaves or use a pillar candle in a hurricane glass and place pumpkins, gourds and leaves around the base.

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How about traditional Rosemary which generally flowers in shades of blue but there are pink flowers as well. Rosemary can easily be mimicked to bloom that late in the year.

Another that comes to mind is Hydragea. The flowers can change color with soil acidity. Acid soil for blue flowers and alkaline soil the flowers will be pink.

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One word of warning--I have seen tablecloths covered with ants escaping the potted plant. Be careful.

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