Product for fixing scratched glass tabletop?

beacheDecember 11, 2004

I have an old brass/glass coffee table from the 80's. I've decided to drag it out and spray the brass with some kind of hammered finish. But the glass top is pretty scratched. Anyone know of a product to help make the scratches go away?

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Beache-I just Googled "removing scratches from glass" and came up with several remedies including some very expensive and labor intensive products.You might come out cheaper to just buy another piece of glass if you feel that the piece you have is just too damaged to use.Some other suggestions would be to paint a faux stained glass design on the underside.Someone was doing just that not too long ago,but I can't remember if it was on this board or somewhere else.There are paints available for that.If the glass top is removable,paint the design on the most damaged side.You could also mosaic the top or decopauge something on the underside.Lots of possibilities.Good luck with whatever you decide to do and be sure to post pictures when you are done.
God bless................Lillie

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Why not just flip the glass over so the scratches are on the underside?

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Can't flip it over because the edges are beveled--it would look weird. It's a big thick piece of glass, too expensive to replace. I'm wondering if an auto parts store might have something for windshields. The scratches aren't horrible.

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I have heard that brasso will take scratches off eyeglass lens. If they are real glass.

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Beache-If you will go to Google and type in "removing scratches from glass" or "repairing damaged glass" there will be lots of sites where repair products are available.There are also some suggestions using products you might have around the house or be able to purchase from most stores.Most of the products and suggestions are for automobile glass,which is tempered glass,so I'm not sure what would or would not work on the type of glass you have.Good luck.......Lillie

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I forgot to mention.I wonder if the scratch repair product for eye glasses might work? Or maybe you could check with a place that makes eyeglasses and see if they have something or could give you some suggestions....Lillie

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I have a plexiglass table top that was badly scratched. I used the Spray Frosting in the link below and was really pleased with the results. The sratches are still there, but you can't see them anymore!

Here is a link that might be useful: Spray Frosting

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Well, I ordered some Liquid Lense off of Ebay. It's worth a try! I'll let you know how it works.

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