No-pop bubbles?

abc12345March 1, 2007

Does anyone know anything about those no-pop bubbles?

How long do they last?

Do they pop eventually or does someone need to like sweep up afterwards?

If you step on one, does it stain dress or shoes?


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the ones they sell to kids as toys?

They're nasty. They stink, they aren't particularly pretty, they stain, and they leave little filmy residues. They're hard to use.

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Thanks, I was talking about the wedding bubbles.

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As Talley Sue mentioned, they are nasty. I am a wedding coordinator, so I have seen them in use and it isn't what you might anticipate. They are made of a type of plastic or polymer and they leave saggy little circles of goo when they deflate, rather than disintegrating as typical bubbles do. This can be a particular problem if they land on clothing or on sidewalks. If they are used outside a church or another facility, someone will need to clean up the goo after they are used as people can slip on it and it won't go away by itself.

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We used to buy the stuff in tubes when I was a kid. You put a blob of the goo on the end of a straw and blow. We called it plastic bubble stuff. No where near pretty enough for a wedding. Not at all.

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