Horse shoe question

jayokieDecember 10, 2013

How do I attach wooden letters to horse shoes? Saw a pix of a wall hanging, but I'm not inclined to pay the price. Especially when I have horse shoes from my dad's 4 legged critters. I'd like to use them to make "momentos" for my kids.

Would gorilla glue work (have never used it) or do I need something else altogether? Would have the h'shoes welded together, paint black or silver, then attach the wooden letters.

Any suggestions greatly appreciate. TIA !!

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I really have never done that before but how do you think a hot glue gun would work?

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Hot glue just might do it. After reading your reply, I thought of a wall hanging I did with horseshoes (roses). Will have to check, but I just MAY have used hot glue on that one. mmmmm. Worth a look-at & a try. Thanks for the tip! If anyone knows if it won't work, or something that would work better, pls let me know. Appreciate it!!

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I would try the liquid nails stuff.

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Thanks, Pinch_me, for the tip. I did use hot glue on the wall hanging with roses. But! it might not be "heavy" enough for the wooden letters. Will look for the liquid nails. Appreciate the tip.

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Hot glue would be OK indoors but outside the sun "melts" it & they would fall off. Craft stores should have Quick Grip or 527 multi-use glue. They can be used on metals & wood. Both have to be used in well ventilated area so be careful & keep away from kids!

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