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mom2emallMay 29, 2009

So this is an issue with my sm, dad, and sister.

My second youngest sis is preggers with her first child. Me, my sm, and my sisters 2 aunts (her bm's sisters) are planning the shower. My sis is due in Sept and nobody seems to be moving on these shower plans. So I have been calling everyone and trying to get the ball rolling. My sm insists on this one place for the shower and said that she would book it. I have asked her weekly for the last month and a half about it and everytime I get the same answer....she will do it the following week. So in the meantime I talked to everyone and split up all the things that need to be done (food, decorations, games, etc). I ran ideas past my sis about games for her shower and the menu. Now she is complaining to my dad that I am asking her about stuff for her shower!!!! I was trying to be nice! GRRRRR

In the meantime my sis wants to go register for her shower and asked me to go with. My sm wants to go too. So my sis is trying to coordinate a day when both of us can go. Last night my sis asked me which days are best for me. I told her I was not in front of my calendar, but usually my hubbys days off would be best because then I would not have four kids in tow walking through the store.

So my sis and sm agreed on one of those two days for next week and when I got home and looked at the calendar I realized that we have a concert for sd that night. I immediately called sis to pick a different day and she freaked out. I told her I would not be offended if only her and my sm went. She insists I go.

So I told her I could do this Sunday, or any night next week except the night of the concert. My sis kept asking me if I could just miss the concert and I told her no. I go to all the kids things and I am not missing the las concert of the year. She was ticked.

Now my sm is mad because it just HAS to be that day. But my sm does not work and only has one kid at home. She has no other plans but refuses to go register and bring my 3yr old sis with her. She will only go when my dad is home to watch my sis. My dad is calling and asking if we can just go on my hubbys other day off and my hubby watch my little sis. I told him that hubby is at work and I am not volunteering him so I won't know till later when I talk to him. My dad seemed huffy about it!

I guess I am just so used to taking 4 kids with me everywhere. When my ds was 3 I brought him EVERYWHERE with me!!! When my ss was 3 I brought him EVERYWHERE with me and the other three kids. So maybe I am not seeing the big issue there.

My sis is complaining that her shower stuff is not moving along. I am going crazy!!!

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Can't she register online? when I got married, I think I only went into one store to register but everything else was done online at the store's website.

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I don't mean to sound mean harsh, but don't you think you are overdramatizing this a bit? She is due in Sept, at least 3 full months away. So, you're planning a shower to take place sometime in August or late July? That is still 2 mos away. I wouldn't think most people buy a gift until days before the shower. If you have 4 children and a busy schedule, I assume some of that is because they are in school? Won't things calm down a bit when school is out in a week or two? And if so, can't you clear days then? I understand that you obviously care about your sister and are trying to get things scheduled for her, but perhaps the reason you've been having difficulty "for the last month and a half" is that a month ago she wasn't due for another 5 mos? Maybe there is something that I am missing here? But it seems to me that it is not something that needs to drive you "crazy" at this point. If it gets to the end of June (a full month away) and no one is interested, I think you'd have more reason to push the "panic" button! In the meantime, maybe if you relax a bit about it, they will be more cooperative. Just MHO.

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I have never registered online, but my sis wants to go to the store to register.


I would not be going so crazy about this but my sis is throwing a fit that she should be sending invites out soon. Her aunts that are helping are giving her earsfull about how things should be booked already and what happens if we do not find a place to have her shower. Summer is a busy time of year and lots of people book places around here for parties, wedding showers, etc in the summer.

Summer for me is busier than the school year because I babysit a few children during the week.

And other showers that I have gone to or helped throw have all been totally planned by 2 months prior to the event.

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we don't do babyshowers. might be cultural. I personally do not understand baby showers. we of course will get gifts though when family members or friends have babies.

if it is stressful experience, then don't do it. my motto is if something causes that much stress and aggravation there is only one solution: don't do it. if your family insists on doing it, then why such rush. It is May. she is due in September. if people don't want to drag kids along they hire babysitters. what the big deal?

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