Which date do I use?

luvmytbearMarch 10, 2007

Probably a dumb question, but since we are having the wedding and the reception on two different dates, I don't know which date to put on the favor tags.

I put our wedding date on the toasting flutes because we're using them on the cruise too. At least THAT made sense! :)

What do you think? Thanks!

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Generally you use the date of the wedding even if the reception will occur at a later date, since the reception is celebrating the wedding. Another option is to omit the date from the tag and include your names and a phrase such as "Always and Forever," something that will visually fill the tag.

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I would just leave off the date. You say you're talking about tags, not the gift itself, so why do you even need to put the date on there at all -- for that matter, I don't think you even need a tag at all. (Actually, I don't even particularly like favors, period, at a wedding, but that's just MHO and completely beside the point.)

If you are talking about engraving or printing on the item itself, I'd use the date of the wedding, not the party, but I'd encourage you not to engrave/print on the favor anyway. Your guests will enjoy a picture frame, vase, or whatever in their home more if it doesn't have someone else's name or wedding date on it.

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Thank you for your input. I'm making the tags on my computer (I'm cheap like that! lol). We're doing little steel pails with chocolate shells in them (that I'm making myself too!)

I agree with you, gellchom, about getting favors at weddings that aren't useful. I just wanted to put a thank you note on the pails, that way the tag does come off and the little pails are reuseable as votive or tealight holders that look good in any home.

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