60 days and counting

froggy05March 2, 2005

Oh My Gosh! I can't beleive how fast time goes. I just received my unity candle from the knotshop.com and can't stop looking at it. Our wedding is almost 100% planned, now we are getting down to the technical things like seating charts, which attendants will walk with who and rehersal dinner. Things are coming together nicely. I was reading a really funny book, if you guys are thinking that you are overboard with wedding planning I recommend you read it, its also great for a few laughs, its called Bride in Overdrive by Jorie Mark. It was really funny.

Anyways, just wanted to check in, how are youguy's planning going?


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Im so excited for you!!! I cant imagine 60 days and counting yet. We have a August wedding planned so I have a bit more time to put things off. We ordered the cake and met with our officiant last week. The hall,caterer,dj,and horse and buggy are all ready to go as well. Our biggest hurdle is making an oath ring. My fiance and I are having a traditional Viking Era wedding ceremony and an oath ring was used for the bride and groom to hold at the same time as they spoke the vows. Poor David has to figure out how to make one that looks 1/2 way decent. Congrats on your wedding...I'll definetly check out the book you recommended:)Jessica

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WDay-8. everything is falling into place. i think i will actually be able to afford everything. please tell me it is not that big of a deal if fiancee keeps adding the odd person or two to rehearsal dinner or wedding guest list.

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Just wanted to pass along a handy tip we learned from my daughter's wedding last weekend. We did the seating chart on our home pc in the fonts we wanted with the set-up we designed. Then we sent it to kinko's via their internet site (paid by cc) and they printed our seating chart for less than 5.00! All we had to do was stop in and pick it up. It was bigger than what we could print at home. It was on really nice brochure paper, and they also did one for us on cardstock. We popped that baby in a frame and it looked very elegant.

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rowl: You're right -- it's NOT a big deal. Ask any wedding planner, or anyone who's had even one such event: there are ALWAYS additions and drop-offs (illness, etc.) at the last minute. It's to be expected, so don't sweat it.
Everything will be fine, I promise. You're at the home stretch now, you've done all the work -- like having pulled a sled up a big hill -- now just enjoy the ride from here on in! Have fun and congratulations!

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