How would you glue these tea cups to this mirror

roboladyDecember 10, 2007

I saw this idea on a blog, and was wondering what kind of glue you all suggest for this project. It's the teacups on the mirror. I now realize the pic is kinda small so I'll describe it. It is a grouping of teacups, saucers and other things attached to the top of a curved mirror with pearls draped and wrapped around the teacups. Anyway, my question is how would YOU all glue the cups etc to the mirror??

The pic is in this blog, go down to the 4th picture from the last on the left, the one with the pink chair and mirror. Click the pic for a better view.

Here is a link that might be useful: The blog is here

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perfect glue works great with porcelin there are three and off the top of my head its either perfect glue 1 or 2....I loved the picture and the funny thing I have that mirror lol...anyway check out and they can help which type of glue to use....remember any time you glue glass to glass you need to rough it up first to adhere...good luck and post a pic when you try this

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here's the bigger pic.

I'll look at that sight MoJO, Thanks

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I thought I was losing my mind - I replied on another forum LOL -- here it is C & P ---

Well \- alot of us that glue glass to glass use   
"GE Silicone II for Windows and Doors." It will hold great \- ( and it's clear ) but you'd either have to glue the item laying down so it won't slip \- or if you have to glue it vertically \- you'd have to tape the cups in place till it dries. The best thing about using silicone \- is when you are tired of it and want to change it \- a razor blade will scrape the whole thing off. Those pictures are just awesome ... such wonderful decorating ideas ! 
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I'm with TooMuchGlass, silicone!! Because like she said,if you find out you've glued something worth a small fortune on it, you can take it off :) lol I'm guessing a mirror like that will come off somehow so you can lay it flat to dry.

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I've always used liquid nails (the think kind in the tube) to glue glass & porcelin and I've never had any problems with it!

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