Old Chairs Re-Do

oldfixerDecember 14, 2013

Once upon a time I had ambition to pluck discarded wood chairs from the trash. And ambition to refinish, and upholster them with any scraps of material. An extra place to sit is nice, or just decor, but, there is only room for so many chairs. If you spot one worth thousands, please advise!!

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If you need a few more, let me know! I've been doing the same thing. All I have left to do is the 4 from a Formica set. I don't know if I will do them........ Working with wood is easier. I have the yellow table in the house, chairs are in the barn. Out of sight..........

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Good luck with the chrome/vinyl. Sold my set.

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Looks like you have quite an assortment! Should be able to sell them at yard sale or on Craig's list. Some people have several different ones around their table.Jan

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That last one on the right looks like a zigzag Art Deco design.

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I too love chairs. We've been fixing the roof, painting (repairing) the trim and the porches and putting in a wood pellet boiler. By we I mean my dh. Porches are covered with tools and building supplies. I'm hoping this summer to have my porches back so I can use all my chairs. The ones in your pictures are great! Couldn't pass them up either.

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nice id like to find 4 dinging chsirs

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