Bridal shower ideas

dian57February 9, 2005

I have the bridemaids and matron of honor coming to my house Sunday evening.

Anyone have any shower ideas to share?

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Are you the bride? If so, the shower is the responsibility of those who choose to host one. The maid/matron of honor and/or bridesmaids are not all obligated to host a shower, particularly if it would be difficult financially or time-wise. They should volunteer to do it and they should do what they can afford to do, so let them take the lead. The bride is a guest at the shower, so she should be delighted with whatever the hosts plan.

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Ah, Sweet Pea, what a nice thought. No, I'm not the bride--I was the bride over 26 years ago; I'm the groom's mom.

I'm also the stand-in mother of the bride because real mom is in England and not flying in till a month before the wedding.

I'm helping the bridal party with menu and game ideas--and, of course, money.

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That is very sweet of you.

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I would say that shower ideas should take into account the personality of the bride. A friend gave me an at-home shower with about 15 guests, a light buffet lunch and wine. It was lovely and perfect. I'm not one for the big restaurant-shower thing, and would have been horrified for my friend to spend that kind of money anyway. Heck, she had to talk me into having a shower at all (I was an "older" bride).

For me, at-home, simple, and personal was the best. You and the attendants probably know the bride best, so think about what suits her.

Oh, and IMHO, no games!

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NO GAMES? Mary, that just breaks my heart! Not a little round of Bridal Bingo with prizes to win? Not a Guess the Famous Couple's first names?

Why, next you'll be telling me no bow hat, either.


Dianne, who's lived for too long being serene and self-conscious--I love silly things.

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When my daughter got married we played this game: divide the guest into teams (depending on how many guests you have, we had about 4 on each team), seperate each team so that they can't see what the others are doing. Give each team a roll of toilet paper and have One guest in each team be the "Bride". They have to make her a wedding dress using the toilet paper. We had one team even make her a bouquet out of the toilet paper. Then we let the bride-to-be choose the best wedding dress. We all had so much fun with this!

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