Need semi-urgent faucet help

lisalmMay 5, 2012

Hello. I am a lurker and occasional poster on the decorating board. I thought I might be able to get some much-needed assistance from all of you with your wonderful kitchens and kitchens-in-progress.

Our kitchen faucet broke on Friday. Snapped in half. It's a pull-out faucet--probably a cheaply made one (considering the other short-cuts our builder took, but that's a whole other story).

So we are currently pretty much unable to use our kitchen sink and need a new faucet ASAP. But here is our problem: we have a window ledge just 5 1/2 inches above the counter top and very little clearance for a faucet handle. We either need a very low profile faucet or a high-arc faucet with a fairly low handle that doesn't articulate sharply. We went to a showroom today, and the person helping us thought that this pull-downMoen faucet from the "Level" collection would work. But she must not have looked too closely at our photos. I think that it will be impossible to maneuver the handle with our soap dispensers (on either side, only 3 inches away). Could we put a cap on one of the soap dispenser holes and just not use that one? Would that look bad?

The other thing that might work is to find another low-profile pullout faucet like we had. I found one by Moen (see photo) but it got terrible reviews. One person said that his/hers cracked, just like ours. I located another by Grohe that might work.

Any thoughts? TIA for any feeback or suggestions. Photos are: first three (my kitchen with problem area window-ledge and soap dispensers. Next three: Moen high-arc faucet, Moen CA87316 faucet, Grohe low profile faucet.

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I just ordered a Hansgrohe Allegro because the handle pulls forward. I think that is the same in all of their kitchen faucets but I would double check.

We saw the Delta Savile at Lowe's and the handle didn't seem to go back far but seemed more like a joystick to me so not sure I would like this.

Some of the Grohe ones go forward only but not all.

Elkay Harmony is another option.

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The other idea is to use a high-arc faucet but locate the control assembly in front, towards your sink, like this:

Here are three recent threads discussing this:

Here is a link that might be useful: One of the stem direction threads

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This won't help you now, but I have exactly the same set up as you, a narrow space behind the sink and a window sill above. I like the idea of the handle in the front although it kind of looks like the water would hit your arm when you turn it on.

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although it kind of looks like the water would hit your arm when you turn it on.

True, but of course with a double sink, you essentially never have the faucet in the center anyway.

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I have a Hansgrohe Talis C high arc and most of its action is forward. The furthest back it goes (hottest) isn't much past straight up.

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Thanks so much for your quick responses. I took a look at the suggested threads. I am still unclear: can ANY of the high-arc faucets have the controls situated in the front? I don't think I'd mind it that way.

DH and I like the simplicty of the Moen faucet pictured above (from the Moen Level collection).

Do you think that will look okay? Is it too modern? The style of the kitchen is more "transitional" but we tend toward simple/clean lines.

Thanks again!

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I have had the Grohe faucet you pictured for almost 10 years. I first put one in my last house, then we moved about 5 minutes after our remodel was finished (sigh), but loved that faucet so much we put it in our new house. We are remodeling our current kitchen now and the new faucet we bought for the the remodel? Yep, we bought the same one. Hope that helps.

(The Grohe Eurodisc, Eurodisc II, and Alira are all essentially the same faucet with slightly different cosmetics. The Alira is a bit of an upgrade on internals but same profile.)

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Our pre-remodel kitchen had a window ledge about that same height, though there was a touch more room behind the sink. We also had to replace a broken faucet, and we put in a Moen Brantford with the handle oriented forward. If you look through those old threads you will probably see some posts from me about it, but in a nutshell, the forward-facing handle has been no trouble at all and I actually prefer it that way now. I don't know if all Moens will operate that way, but you can check the Level in the showroom -- just see if the spout turns 360 degrees on the base. I think the Level would look great in your kitchen, not too modern at all! (Not the Brantford for you -- its styling is more transitional but the base is oval-shaped so I think it would be a tighter fit in your space, plus it is probably curvier-looking than you would like.)

One more thought -- your windowsill looks as though it projects over the vertical plane of the faucet. You might want to check with a level and make sure that the spout of a high-arc faucet won't hit the ledge. Most of them seem to be wider at the base (the Level certainly is) so it would probably be fine... but just in case...

Or naturally you could stick with low profile. You might have to anyway, if the ledge sticks out too far. But I have to tell you, that Moen pull-down ("with Reflex action!") is a mighty nice thing. Very ergonomic and intuitive -- I can take the water to what I am rinsing instead of the other way round, and the head always seats back easily, and pulling down I am less likely to spray myself than pulling forward.

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Our faucet broke one month prior to start of reno - not as bad as yours - but it was dripping and DH chose not to hear me say - leave it alone and we can turn off underneath.
I came home to a mess and a totally broken faucet. The "plumber" friend intalled a used one that leaked worse and had a wrench to turn on and off.
I went down and bought the cheapest faucet at HD to hold me over - it popped off once and caused a geyser but got us through!

Your set up is almost identical to ours. We just put in our faucet and used the waterstone plp 5400 with the handle in the front to solve the problem.

We could have mounted it center of sink but the reach worked best centered over the drain.

Good luck!

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We have the Moen high arc faucet you've shown but ours has the separate handle. While I love the design, I have been very disappointed with the way it has held up especially since it's just my DH and I and we are not hard on our stuff. Here's why:

1. The spout retraction requires a heavy magnet be clamped to the hose. If you have a tighter spot under your cabinet, that large magnet tends to get jammed in other hoses and mechanics under the sink; then it doesn't retract well.

2. If you look closely, there is thin plastic piece between the faucet edge and where the pull down comes out. That piece is suppose to stay attached to the faucet but ours doesn't and it keeps coming out when you pull the handle down. It's like a washer with a small tooth so you have to put it back in place very precisely before you can retract the hose. To say it's a PIA is putting it mildly.

I called Moen and had to fight to get the right replacement parts (right parts being the operative word) and will have to pay the costs for a plumber to repair. It wasn't a cheap faucet and broke after only a couple of years. I even went to the trouble to research it, it came recommended from this site. To say I'm pretty peeved is a nice way to put it. So my advise would no don't buy it and find something better.

I also have a ledge like yours and would still go with the arced faucet. Next time however, I'll get one that has a much better retracting system.

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