I need help with a suitcase project

pegtnDecember 4, 2007

I think someone on here posted a link to a website that had a "gallery" of trash to treasure items that were for sale. In one of the pictures there was a childs desk made from a suitcase. I printed it out, but as usual for me, I cant find the pictures. I have googled every combination of suitcase desk, painted suitcase, etc that i can think of, and I just can't find it again. I am painting a suitcase for my niece with a chalkboard on top to hold all of her art supplies inside. I can't remember if the desk was slightly tilted or if it was level. If any of you remember this desk, please help me. Thanks

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I've never seen a desk, but I made a footstool, and I have a page of Luggage Ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: here's my luggage page

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I love what you have done with suitcases Robolady, and I also love your site. I read your blog all the time :). You know, if i make it like a footstool, she could just sit in the floor and do her art projects. That would work just as well as a desk I think. Thank you

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I do remember that child's suitcase table, I just can't remember what site it was on, sorry about that. I do believe the suitcase with level, not tilted.


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I was thinking it was level too craftylady. I'm still painting the suitcase right now, I guess i will decide how to fix it later. lol

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If it's not level, simply make the front legs taller than the back ones to level it out.

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