Old Wood Ironing Board

doterooDecember 2, 2010

Any ideas what to do with an old wood ironing board? The best I can come up with is to remove the legs and saw it in half and use the half with the smaller rounded end to make a pot rack. Would that look junky?

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At the Canton TX trade days I see many of them with scenes painted on them. I bought one that has roses and I stand it up in a corner of a room with a rose theme. Some use them in an erect position as an extra table at cookouts or buffets.

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I've seen them as plant tables, sometimes with a lace cloth on it near a sunny window. Shows off plants! Could be used to display a collection. I know some people have reused them on here so go up to "search" at top of page & type in "Old wood ironing board" should get some responses! Jan

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I used one to decorate the wall in my laundry room. I have another one that I put in the dining room to use as a buffet when the family comes over. I have seen some really pretty painted ones, but I can't paint so I have to decoupage them.

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there could be a way to see it as a total mosaic...over on garden junk, a long time ago, one lady did that and others followed her lead and there could be some available as a search on garden junk...good luck..
they all were awesome~
could also find some on google search for images..tho I haven't done that search..just an idea

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Some people paint them with an old world Santa and stand him wherever they need a santa

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Thanks for all the great ideas!

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No suggestions here but I love Shysue's laundry room!

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Heh! I still use mine for ironing!

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Me too birdie blue! I so prefer my wooden one to a gangly finger snapping metal one. Actually I have 2. I must admit I do like the holiday painting idea, tho I would do a halloween decoration rather than Christmas I think.

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I LOVE ironing boards!! I have two wooden ones I use at my craft shows as display tables. In my home, I use one in front of a large window for plants. They are rustic and look great, yet skinny, so don't take up a lot of room. I also have 2 metal ones hanging in the garage that get a lot of use. I set them up as portable potting tables when I am working with my perennials. The dirt falls through the holes and just sweep it up. Then when we have a campfire and the kids want to do hotdogs/marshmallows, etc., they move out into the yard as portable side tables to keep the eats up away from the dog. They are SOOO useful. I also use mine inside at the computer or my scrapbooking table - whenever I need more work space - they can be lowered to be comfortable to reach while sitting at a chair - so one beside my computer desk is sooo handy - my chair just rotates over and it gives me a lot more space when dealing with paperwork. I think ironing boards are one of the world's greatest inventions!

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