Need ideas for table centerpieces!

alice_arizonaFebruary 26, 2007

I am helping with a friends daughter's wedding. She is having an elegant, sort of Pride/Predjudice type of wedding. Her colors are a moss green/teal (they look very beautiful together). With an accent of silver. The reception is outdoors (at the church) at 11:00am. There will be white table linens on the 8ft round tables as well as three tall cocktail tables - my question is what to do for centerpieces. I know I need something with heighth. I was thinking of placing a clear glass cake pedestal (or silver)on a mirror and have greenery flowing around and on the table with candles of various heights on top.

There are overlays available that are a shimmery type of material that, in different light reflects the green/teal.

I am also responsible for the food and drink tables. One more thing, the bridesmaids will be carrying lanterns rather than flowers - the lanterns are a beautiful moss green with etched swirls - there are seven of them available to use for the decorating... ANY help would be appreciated. I've been to so many websites, craft stores, and looked through many, many magazines!

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It sounds lovely. I really like the idea of greenery on the tables. Ivy is cheap and lasts a long time -- you can wind it around the base of the centerpiece and let a few tendrils wander across the table.

I'd skip the mirrors. To me, that sounds more "Saturday Night Fever" than "Pride and Prejudice." If you need something more at the bottom, maybe some lace? Put candles in silver holders of various heights, on cake stands or not (or maybe yes on some tables, no on others) and put the greenery at the bottom. Beautiful, and not expensive, either (you can rent the silver stuff -- it will still be less than floral arrangements).

I wouldn't know how to use the lanterns. I'd hate to have to wait until after the ceremony to set up the centerpieces. Usually I see the attendants' bouquets arranged around the cake table. I suppose you could do that with the lanterns, too, if they aren't too tall. Or you could put them on the tall cocktail stands or on a buffet or bar.

This sounds pretty. Have fun!

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Be sure to check with the church to be sure that they will allow candles outdoors and be sure to cover the flame with a hurricane glass or some other type of container. Otherwise, the candles won't stay lighted.

You might intersperse the lanterns with the centerpieces, some lanterns on tables and centerpiece on different tables.

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Potted ferns with sprays of orchids in them - beautiful, almost labor free, economical and they can be taken home later.

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If you are going for a pride and prejudice theme (just saw that movie, so I think I 'get' it), then I REALLY think you need to use the lanterns. I love the idea and the colors do sound gorgeous.

Here is what you do: take some floral foam and create a mound that is the same diameter as the base of the lanterns. If you have a Sam's Club or a Costco nearby, go there and purchase bunches of flowers (field bunches are $7.99 each). I'd get the wildest bunches I could find.

Then take the flowers and stick them into the floral foam so it creates almost a wreath that sits around the lantern when you place the lantern on top. Then put a votive or tea light into the lantern.

That's a lovely centerpiece and it goes with the theme.

I don't know how many tables you have, but if you have more than seven, try this on the other tables: Take about 5 or 7 pillar candles and bunch them together on a round plate or tray. Wrap them all together with two ribbons layered on top of each other (the bottom one could be a moss green and the top could be the teal one - make sure the bottom ribbon is wider than the top one so you can see it underneath). Secure the ribbon with a wax seal (you can buy colored glue sticks to make fake wax seals). If you can make the ribbon look a bit frayed or 'vintage-y', all the better.

Then insert a few sprigs of flowers around the base of the candles - or repeat the wreath idea from above to tie those centerpieces to the lantern ones.

Good luck.

Please don't use the mirrors - it's not even close to the pride and prejudice theme. It's far too modern.

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Well, I would not try for candles at noon as they won't especially show up in the noon sun. Anything tall could blow off the table, so plan accordingly. I like the simple strands of ivy or ferns down the middle of the tables and the lanterns situated every so often. Some swirls of ribbon in her colors down the middle too and maybe strewn with flowers. We don't know the climate or the time of year, but I am guessing a warm summer day. You might be able to find those silver strands of beads for decorating a Christmas tree. The beads could be pulled off the strings and scattered or the strings used with the ribbon and ferns or ivy. Keep it simple.

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so we "named" our tables after our favorite writers/philosophers. I found wonderful quotes that involved marriage, love or friendship from each of the writers/philosophers, and framed it (with 5x7 frames). People said they really enjoyed going from table to table to read what the other quotes said; it encouraged mingling!

Each table had a stack of hardback books and i wrapped them in a thick piece of ribbon that matched the bridesmaids dresses and then wrapped that in a thin piece of rafia and tied it on top. (does that make any sense?). Instead of a table number we used quotes so i went to bed bath and beyond and bought 10 frames (about 10 bucks each) and typed up a quote from the author of the table. For instance there was a JD Salinger table and it said:

Salinger Table

It's just like a girl to go ahead and do that
they wind up saying something amazing
and you go falling head over heels in love with them

(okay that isn't the exact quote but it was something like that from catcher). So the picture frame with the quote was placed on top of the books so it was higher and easy to read and on either side I had two little candles and I tied rafia around the clear candle holders to match the kind on the books.

This idea is an obvious fit for academic/literary types, but could be extra funny with cheap romance novels and pulp fiction, which you can get for pennies at any second hand store. Stack 'em and wrap 'em in ribbons  suddenly trashy fiction becomes an entertaining conversation piece. Stick a wedding-branded bookmark in 'em and they're kitchy favors! Like Muglies, only readable.

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Wow laurie what a creative and fun idea. Thanks for sharing it. What else did you do in your wedding that was unique?

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