Follow up on our reception dilemma

luvmytbearFebruary 23, 2007

We decided to do an informal dinner of meat carving stations, bread, and appetizers along with the cake and dancing. We aren't breaking the bank at $30 a head but still offering something more substantial. As usual, you all are right and I should offer something more than cake! lol

Not much new on the family front. FH's nephew and his new bride are coming along with us, which is great. FH basically raised his nephew and is thrilled that they are coming along. They are well behaved and a lot older than the other guests we were concerned about! :)

We DID however, get the to the bottom of some of the hostility we were encountering. FH came flat out and asked what the problem was and got responses from about 40% of the family along the lines of "WE didn't go all out for our weddings, so you are just doing this to show off" (Yes, one actually said those exact words). FH basically told them that their feelings were unfounded, he was sorry they felt that way and that he hoped they would come to our reception and left it at that. I left him to handle it, just as you all suggested (AND you were right again! lol) and it's done. Now that we know what the problem is, we'll just take it for what it's worth and let it go.

Thank you AGAIN for your advice and support. I'm so glad I found this board!

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