Museum for aluminum Christmas trees

secondhandrose2December 17, 2004
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I grew up with an aluminum tree ! I can't tell you how many CUTS I got assembling it ! LOL . We had the revolving color wheel,too. I have such wonderful memories of it --- I would lay on the couch just watching the colors change and wait for Santa ...... those were the good old days !

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LOL At you guys! I have an aluminum tree with a deluxe color wheel. I use it almost every Christmas. My DSD begs me to put up a GREEN tree when she and her kids are coming for the holidays. She thinks it's the tackiest thing in the world! LOL

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I grew up with the aluminum tree and color wheel too. My mum tossed it in the 70's when the bottle brush trees came out. I'm bummed she didn't keep it.

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We had one too. I went to the museum site hopping to see one exactly like it. No such luck. Still really appreciate seeing them. We didn't have the color wheel just a green spot light and a red one, and the stand made the tree spin. Tree is long gone but I still have the stand. I am 42 years old and it is older than me, don't know how much. Also have box it came in Company name Spincraft, model Heirloom. It still works, but 10 nyears ago the rubber belt inside broke. I found a replacment at a vacumme cleaner store. This year it broke again, vaccume guy couldn't helpthis time. Does anybody have any suggestions of where else I could try. Belt is round, not flat 1/8" thick and maybey 3" diameter when it is round.


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We had one as kid in the 70's and us kids hated it. We still kid each other at Christmas time about the tree and color wheel, although if we had it today I'm sure my 9 year old daughter would love it.

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I have a 4 foot one I bought for $1.00 at a garage sale years ago. One year I put it up as a 2nd tree on our enclosed back porch--my kids said, "Tacky". One year I will surprise them when they are here and put up my "antique" tree again. Wonder if what they will say when they learn it is now an antique? LOL

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I've read that these aluminum Christmas trees are worth something now. I plan on keeping my eyes open at my local thrift store come Christmas time - I'm buying it with the intent of reselling it on eBay. We never had an aluminum Christmas tree as kids - we had real trees. The smell of the real trees are out of this world!

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i dont have an alum. tree but my mom was throwing her white tree out andi grabbed it this christmas. i think it was made around the same time.

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We drive by a house every Christmas that has one hanging up-side down from the ceiling right inside their picture window. It's quite striking!


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I have mine that DH got really cheaply at a garage sale. We put it up each year as well as a green one.

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We had one when I was young too. Mom would put it on the buffet in front of a large mirror, then put coloured lights around the mirror. The colours reflected off the tree. It was really pretty.


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My Mom had a white table tree and a large Aluminum tree and they both were beautiful I still have the white one and a small aluminum. I had her color wheel but left it at a dance studio for use for Friday Night dances. Wish I had it now., Thanks for the link

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In Chicago and suburbs, they are making a comeback. I moved, but in my old neighborhood, there is someone who won millions in the lottery (led to lots of talk in neighborhood as to why they were staying). Anyway, they had an aluminum tree in their front window, and I read somewhere that they were making a big comeback.

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I grew up with an aluminum Xmas tree too. Mom used to stand it on the buffet, in front of a huge mirror, then surround the mirror with coloured lights. It reflected beautifully on and around the tree. Great memories!


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My Grandma had a pink table-top bottle-brush tree with white snow on the tips. Sadly, she threw it out. Before that, she had a tree with bubble-lights. I was so happy to see them available for sale again in the last few years!

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