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jmcaFebruary 20, 2006

We are creating a little gift bags for the wedding guests and would like some suggestions. So far included in the bags are: scented candle tins, a little small notebook or diary, bubbles, and I was thinking about substituting a small pack of Kleenex tissues (the ones with the pretty pastel flowers on them), if we run out of diaries or notebooks). We also have matches and scrolls on the tables. Is this too much? And if so, what would you exclude?

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Are these favors to be given to each guest at the reception or are these gift bags to be given to out of town guests when they arrive? If they are favors, it seems like a bit much.

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I agree now that it is going along. I am thinking about cutting out something but what would you suggest? Should I cut the gift bag idea all the way out and give out the usual weddig favor trinkets? I am just so excited about this wedding that I feel now that I am going a little overboard. Suggestions and comments welcomed.

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I think you've got way too much stuff for the favors. Any one of those would be fine. At a recent wedding the favors were little candy kisses in small fabric bags. I think the favors should be minimal.

My question is this, when did the wedding favor tradition begin? Has this always been done?

Just my 2 cents!

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socks, I don't think it's a "tradition" at all. I don't see favors at most weddings I attend.

Personally, I am not fond of favors at weddings. They seem more appropriate for children's birthday parties -- certainly a "goodie bag" full of trinkets would seem that way to me. Sometimes I see a table near the exit with candies or cookies for the ride home, sometimes with a tag that says something like "We're so glad you could celebrate with us." I think if I felt I must give something as a favor, I would do that.

jmca, I'm glad you are excited! That is the way it should be. But I think your instinct is correct: more is NOT always better. I'd skip party favors entirely or else keep it very small and simple, not cutesy.

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the tissues might be useful AT the wedding--maybe a little basket of them by the door that says "just in case..."

But simpler is probably better.

I hate to rain on your parade, if you're excited. So if you've started, it won't hurt to keep going.

I've become not a fan of those little bottles of bubbles--I can't open them without worrying about spilling them all over me, and the kids have tons of them that I sneak around and throw out when they're not looking.

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Thanks for the input. I am going to forego the favors, except for the matches and bubbles! I appreciate the frankness.

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We had personal Koozies (for holding beer and cans) made up and they will be set out for wedding guest to pick up. IMO, with over 300 guest expected for our wedding, a favor bag is way overboard and expensive. However, we will be making hotel guest bags for those from out-of-town.

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Instead of favors at a recent wedding I attended, the bride and groom made contributiona to charity in memory of family members that had passed away. Notice of this was place on each table at the reception.

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That is a great idea, limo! I think I may think on that one...

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