Fix bad bows & crochet grocery bags

concretenprimrosesDecember 19, 2008


I had some badly bent bows like this one, below and just didn't want to throw them out but couldn't bend them back into shape:

So I cut in the middle of each bow loop and then bent and twisted the whole thing until I got a flower effect. The manipulation and cutting opened them up the middle which I emphasized if needed with a couple more clips. Glued a round picture or christmas paper in the middle. I like the effect. At least I feel like I can use them now!

And here is my Santa bag which I crocheted out of plastic grocery bags, ready to go with presents.


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Wow Kathy, great idea! I'll be sure to try it out, it gives a little oomph to the bow even it they weren't crushed. Thanks!

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That fixed it up so cute :D Years ago, I read about using a curling iron to fluff a bow back up. I may have been doing it wrong, but I never got it to work! Then I read about throwing them in a dryer....but what about the glue?? Maybe it was so long ago they didn't even have glue on them! LOL I never tried that one :D
Yours is a much easier, and cuter way to pretty them up!

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Great ideas! I know I have some crushed bows that need to be used. Thanks!

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That is so cool! How do you crochet with plastic bags?

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You cut them across so you get a bunch of loops. Then you hitch the loops together with a knot. To attach loop 15 to loop 16 for example you pull loop 15 out to the opposite end from where 15 is attached to 14. then take loop 16 and pull it through itself wrapping around that point. This may not make sense, but there are lots of tutes with pics if you google plastic bag crochet. The cool thing is you can just add more every time you run low. I just used a crochet bag pattern that I had for yarn with a big hook. My only caution is that plastic bags are stretchier than yarn, and I probably would make the handle shorter next time. Talk about making something out of nothing! I could have been more artful in my colors but I was just learning. This bag used up my whole excess plastic grocery bag supply of many many bags.
have fun

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I have seen the bows cut online. You just cut at the curve. cut on angle and it will make a fluffy bow. Then you can add something in the middle. Even a smaller bow.

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Aw shucks and I thought i invented it!
I like the idea of a little bow in the center

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I love crocheting with plastic bags. I want to share one project I am going to try, using bread and hamburger bun bags of the same brand. The bags are clear, with green, red and white colors. ( a touch of black too) I have crocheted the rugs, and dish drainer mats and such, but with these bags I have been saving, I want to do a curtain for my kitchen door window, in a filet crochet design. I haven't decided on a design yet. I cut my bags in a spiral cut, and tie the ends together , leaving long tails to weave in later. I guess i am hoping it will look kinda like stained glass when the sun shines thru it and let more light in, since a lot of the bag is clear. I will hang it using a cafe' rod, or shower curtain rings. Hopefully, I can get started on this project and post pics soon. Just thought I would toss in my idea on the plastic bag crochet. And thats a good idea with the bows!

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I'm about to do another more ambitious plastic crochet project as well. I've been saving newspaper bags. Which ever of us gets done first should start a plastic bag crochet thread inviting anyone to post pics!

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