Can someone help me date this typewriter?

winter_unfazedDecember 7, 2005

I have this ancient typewriter that was $5.00 at a thrift store. It works and is in excellent condition, has been kept clean and in order.

I am trying to figure out how old it is. It is a Silver-Reed Sovereign 750, made for English-speaking countries by the parent company Seiko in Japan. It has the @ symbol, but I don't know if that means much. The keys are loud and attached to metal arms that can be seen in the open as they strike the paper. This typewriter has a H__L (hard/light) switch, which someone said was only on 1950s or older models. The cover, the tops of the keys, and a few other parts are plastic, and the wheel on which the paper turns is rubber. There is a high-low switch (usually used for red-black ribbons) and a Margin Release button. Does anyone know just how old it is?

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I cant help you with a 'date', but they still sell the ribbon for this model so I imagine with the "plastic" keys etc, it is probably 50's or 60's. I am just guessing. We used the Manual Underwood Typewriters in school up until the 60's and it sounds like they are similar.

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I don't date outside of my species!

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Plastic keys and tops, I would guess date it after 1950 for sure. Plastic was just starting to be used after WWII, but didn't get popular (in everyday items) until the late 1960s.

My mom had a manual typewriter that was all metal, but that dated to about 1970.

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I bought a Royal portable standard (i.e. non-electric) typewriter about 1950 or slightly before that had moulded plastic keys, with the names of the letters imbedded.

Had "Heavy to Light" pressure settings - and "High and Low" or similar - I think red and black colours to adjust the height that the ribbon carrier rose when the key was struck.

Haven't been able to find ribbons for it for several years.

ole joyful

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