I hit a goldmine

LadySparo65December 3, 2005

My father passed away almost a month ago and mom wants to clean out her basement and I offered to help. OMG.....I want everything I see....hahahaha I asked her what I could take and she said anything....I need a U-hual for everything I want.....tables, chairs, dressers, old windows, old picture frames and best of all I'm getting all my dad's power tools. Wish me luck since I'm new to all the trash to treasure stuff, not to mention using power tools....lol I will have fun I'm sure. Anyone know any 101 classes for saws....hahahaha. I will probably be posting for suggestions on things to do with some of the stuff I get. Just wanted to share my goldmine with you all!!!

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That's terrific, I am sure you will have a fantastic time going through all your old treasures. Make sure to take pictures and post them for us! My deepest sympathy on the loss of your father.

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I'm sorry for your loss, but isn't it funny how there's always good that comes out of tragedy? Have fun with your new toys! I'd love to have a power tool setup, myself.

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It is wonderful that you are becoming the caretaker of your Dad's tools. There are many DIY books available, or you can just go online for instructions. Always follow the safety instructions for power tools and you will be okay. I love mine.....


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sorry for your loss.
may I be the first to offer guidance
lesson 2# keep fingers back.
lesson3# make sure what you are cutting is secure, held down, clamped, a flying objest is just as scary as the blade.
you do not say what model /year the tools are
but I can say that some of the older model tools are a lot better than the new ones, and usually are worth fixing if in need of repair.
the older models usally need new cords, a little cleaning, sometimes repair to the motors , and is worth the cost especially witht he resonal value.
I did not check where you are from but there are a lot of sources for help , family , friends, actually it is kind of a guy thing but there are a lot of men who would get a kick from showing a female how to run tools and are glad to pass on the skills.
here locally there are a lot of places to learn for free , community centers, 4-h, colleges, start calling around,
if he used this stuff very much or had a shop it is the little stuff that is the coolest to have .
like the pencil , notes, favorite screwdriver, tapemeasure is a big one, stuff that got used a lot .
thanks Rick

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I second what everyone says. Keep your fingers, hair, etc away from the power tools and where safety glasses. I'm sure your dad saved his operators manuals, but if not, you can go the website of the manufacturers and download/print a manual.

my 80 yr old aunt is breaking up housekeeping and she has told me to come on down and help myself! So far, I've been blessed with her bottle collection that she dug up on their lot when they lived in Rhode Island in the 70s. It's 18th and 19th century crockery/pottery and bottles. I'm really excited about that. She and my uncle travelled the world over collecting wierd stuff. Right up my alley!

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You might check with your local Home Dept/Lowes stores on classes they might be offering in using tools. If they don't have anything scheduled you could ask/inquire if they would schedule some.... Also community colleges offer some community based classes and sometimes are looking for class ideas - give them one...LOL Good luck

Sorry for your loss but you will have pieces of him in all you build.

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I remember my great grandfather every time I use his tools that I got given when he died, especially a small hammer that he made the handle for himself. You are lucky to have somehting of your father's that he didn't just own, but used as well.

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Junkgirl, did you go to your aunt's house yet??? I am so excited to see what treasures you will find!

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Older electric tools (or anything electric) usually need brushes. These are just blocks of carbon, and cost about $1-2 per pair (you need 2 for each motor). Installing them is usually pretty easy. If the motor is sparking, you need new brushes.

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I offer my condolences on the loss of your Dad.

My kids lost their Mom last year - we'd been apart for over 30 years.

There were many memories associated with the things in her/their home and they found it hard to part with them.

You will remember your Dad with appreciation when you use those tools that he used.

Now all you need is a shop.

Maybe you should just move into the basement at home.

I second the rules about using saws - be always conscious of position of fingers.

Don't go pulling back the protective sleeves surrounding the saw when they are in the way.

You'll find instruction books, patterns, etc. in the library.

Good wishes for the days ahead.

ole joyful

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I offer you my condolences.

I agree with what everyone says about fingers - my husband's stupid cousin learnt that one the hard way, after the saw went sailing thru most of his finger. I think he learnt anyway because this guy is a complete idiot - another lesson learnt do not lay on the ground while pumping up wheelchair tyres with a compressor because you might just fall asleep and subsequently explode said tyre.

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