Seating at Reception

jmcaFebruary 1, 2006

We have reserved a wonderful reception hall with lots of windows and a beautiful, large dance floor but we are going to have to seat some of the guests outside on the patio/deck and some tables inside. How do I do that? I don't want to offend anyone but it is unavoidable.

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How about just not using seating arrangements/cards?....they can choose themselves. We had seating on the porches, & inside, of our venue & had no seating arrangements/cards. Guests did sit in both areas.

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Good idea. I will just reserve a table for the wedding party and the parents of the couple but I was so looking forward to giving my tables names like 5 star hotels and putting place cards on them to show my guests that they are special to us.

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You are having over 200 guests, though, right? With that many people, it is really difficult without assigning tables. People are wandering around, looking for a table with enough chairs for their group or even for a couple. With a small group, it works okay, but with a large one, it can be a real mess. Some posters have commented that they felt like they were back in the high school cafeteria: "Can we sit with you guys"? I really encourage you to assign tables, although I know that this doesn't solve your problem of not wanting some of your guests to feel like -- literally! -- outsiders.

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