24 Sample Cans of Gray Paint...Twenty four. OMG

beekeeperswifeAugust 23, 2010

So we were cleaning up yesterday for my son's graduation/goodbye dinner party. My dh counted all the sample cans of paint, gray paint. He counted 24.

I'm happy to report, the winner is BM Baltic Gray.

I have found that the grays that lean towards the taupes do not have the blue undertone. I really did want that Gravender color, and I know it would look great, but I just can't get beyond the fear that everyone would say my room was purple.

so, Baltic Gray it is for the kitchen/family room (very close to what I have now, but without the green), I think the same color for the 2 story foyer, and a color a few down on the strip for my MBR upstairs. Not sure about the living room which is right off of the family room, might just stick with the Baltic Gray and count on the different lighting to make it look different in the other room.

Yay. I can call the painter now.

Thanks to all for the input.


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I think you deserve a special award or something, I'd be surprised if anyone could top this for one single color.....lol.......

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Wow ... I had probably 10 different whites at one point, but two dozen is impressive! Glad you found one you love.

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ugh!!! i can relate!!! just stopped by bm again this morning and picked up 3 more samples... going alittle grayer now since every gray i've put up so far is looking too yellow.... because i want a warm gray, but....UGH!!!! so far tho, i have ~ 10 pots...hopefully one of these 3 from this morning will be "IT"!!!

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Don't you know you're supposed to hide those cans so hubby can't count them :)

Can't wait to see how it looks!


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Is anyone keeping a GardenWeb Book of World Records? This surely should go in it.

I wonder what color would come out if you mixed them together.

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I bet it would be the perfect Gravender! ;-)

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busybee3, There weren't too many BM samples in there. My local BM stopped carrying the tiny little samples since they weren't available in all colors and they could conveniently make you up any color for only a little under $7....so I started taking all my paint chips to Lowe's. They did an excellent job matching the color, they used paint formulas online. Theirs cost about $2 a pot.

And yes, amy, I do believe it would be the perfect gravender!

I do have a plan to use the gray samples, maybe not all of them though...have you ever seen the artwork by Matthew Heller? I'm thinking of doing something like this on my own. We'll see how it turns out. I need some sort of cool art for that darn 2 story foyer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Matthew Heller

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yes, our bm still carries the small samples...only got one pint sized one... good to know about lowes colormatching- will go there if these grays don't work!
good choice for using up the grays!! i think the color variations would make it interesting! would you do aerosmith too or someone different??

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I might look at songs that aren't on his website, did you look through the photos? There is one that was our first dance at our wedding on there...not Born to Run, but the Chicago song..."You're the Inspiration", at least I would have a story when confused friends look at it.

I suppose that Dave Matthews' songs might be a bit too young for us (what would people think?)...but you never know what might end up there...Sinatra? B52s, we are open to different music.

Yep, 24 jars of paint....two four. And it's 24 (lol) hours since the final decision was made and I'm still on board with the choice. That's a miracle.

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Thank you so much BKW for the tip on getting color-matched samples at Lowes. I bought two samples at Lowes last night for less than one $7 half pint at Ben Moore. Sadly, neither worked for me, but the hunt goes on.

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So you went w/ Baltic Gray! Very cool - that was one that I suggested in the original post. I wasn't sure if it was exactly what you were looking foror not. Glad you like it - can't wait to see pics!

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so...are you still on board??? lol

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Yes! I've taken down the other poster boards...you know the first runner up whose job it was to fill in if Baltic Gray couldn't complete its reign as the paint color of choice, and the 2nd runner up was removed also. It would require a lot of scandal for the 2nd runner up to be moved up though.....

I will get the painter on the phone tonight. He really is wondering what happened to us. He asks the neighbors why I haven't called. I don't know if they can break the news to him that I am truly this disturbed. He is an old friend.

Twenty four cans of paint on the wall, twenty four cans of paint, take one down ....

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I spent a lot of time deciding on a Gray for a room. I recently posted in another thread how I like the fact that RH narrows the choices for you and takes some of the work and stress out of the process. I am happy with RH paint when I did use it and from now on I will just pick from their color palate and save myself much of the stress. They didn't have the Flint Collection at the time or I would have saved myself a lot of time, gas, money and grief picking out a gray.


Here is a link that might be useful: RH Flint Collection

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Dilly dally - I totally agree w/ you on a narrower selection of paint. And I just recently saw the RH Flint collection. Beautiful!

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I must resist driving 45 minutes to see these paints. They look so lovely on my computer screen. Surely they must have green undertones in person, right? And they must look very blue and purpley, right?

dilly, where were you earlier? Have you been on vacation? Poor ttodd was getting up early to look at her paint deck to help me, and now this, gray made easy. Oh. I must resist. Unless you tell me to do otherwise. In which case I'm off to the nearest store...45 minutes away.

I won't call the painter tonight.

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Has any one been a RH Store lately? No more Silver Sage walls. No more white trim. It's all Flint and gorgeous.

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"dilly, where were you earlier? Have you been on vacation? Poor ttodd was getting up early to look at her paint deck to help me, and now this, gray made easy. Oh. I must resist. Unless you tell me to do otherwise."

I've been around. I don't always have time to read every single thread but this one seemed to be getting a lot of action so I checked it.


Resist?!? No. I was actually going to suggest what JerseyGirl did........... That you go to the RH stores and see the new Gray walls! But you had mentioned being far away from one of the stores so I didn't want to push it.

Once you enter the store and are bathed in the calming atmosphere that RH Flint creates along with the crisp, modern, sharpness it gives to a room, you will whip out your CC, and find yourself giving a huge sigh of relief, that it is now all over, the burden has lifted, and you can relax. You will be singing to yourself as you load the paint cans into the car. The The car will seem to drive itself and you will see a rainbow on the horizon over your house. Your DH/SO will love your choice of Gray paint and will want to celebrate with you. It will be a happy day.

Charcoal, Gravel, Pumice or Flint. It couldn't get any easier.

*RH seems to have changed their marketing direction. The stores now carry way much more in the line of home furnishings and furniture. Emphasis has been taken away from 'hardware'. I didn't even see any in the store any more. The kitschy knickknack type stuff is gone. Cleaning products too. No linens either. The last time I was in they seemed to be in the middle of a transition so maybe the stuff is coming back in but there was something eerie about the ambiance. They also no longer had any young people working there and only older women, at least on the last two visits I made. I wonder if they are no longer marketing to young urban trendy and are focusing on retiring baby boomers looking to downsize and spend their discretionary income.

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I'm gassing up the car...

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patiently awaiting pictures ; )

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well, I ran up to the RH store. Funny thing...they are currently in the process of putting the Slate on the wall right now. I sort of felt like I was in a dream...I came in for paint chips and they are painting...it was weird.

I only took chips with me, figured since the store was so dark I couldn't see the chips well enough to make a decision which can of paint to buy. So, I might just end up taking them to BM or Lowe's to have them color matched, these stores are a bit closer. Also, the color that I'm leaning towards in this little group is Gravel, but it is only available in the low gloss....why?...that is weird.

Anyway, I'll let you know how they look at home, compared to the Baltic Gray.

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Just shoot me now.

So I was so excited to get home to see my RH paint chips up against the current wall as well as compared to the BM Baltic Gray. I know you can't judge because for some reason I cannot get an accurate photo, but I figure all the colors in question, are represented equally, so here you go. Notice anything odd? Like how the RH chips look almost exactly like what I already have?

The gray background poster board chip is BM Baltic Gray. The two chips underneath are RH, Gravel & Slate. I have them outside, and that is my green chair cushion in one shot, hopefully to pull out any green that is hiding.

a closer view:

This is Gravel on my BM Baltic GRay poster board, and the color of the wall as it is now, under artificial light. I think the Gravel will look exactly like the Valspar Color already on the wall.

So, maybe Baltic Gray it is.

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They were using RH Slate? Hmmm. Maybe different stores do different things. Or the clerk misinformed me. Like I said before they seemed to be undergoing a transition with the store when I was there, but all the painting had been done. Maybe the front rooms and the back rooms were different and I did not notice.

The Slate collection is quite different than the Flint Collection I linked above.


"Also, the color that I'm leaning towards in this little group is Gravel, but it is only available in the low gloss....why?...that is weird."

Are you sure they explained it correctly? According to their website Gravel is the only color available in BOTH velvet and low-gloss. All the others in the collection are velvet only. Maybe they just meant they don't carry it in stock in both or they are temporarily out of it or it is an online only order for it?

You do know they also sell paint can samplers? Did they mention that to you at all?

Here is a link that might be useful: Slate Collection

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beekeperswife... did you by any chance sample bm's weimeraner??? if so, how did that read to you? any pinkish tones?? i can't tell if my eyes are playing tricks on me anymore!

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dilly, they weren't very informative at all. They seemed in quite a tizzy since the store was being painted and the signs announcing "the new look" said the grand re-opening was on 8/24...wasn't that yesterday? Guess they missed that deadline. And yes, it was slate, slate, and more slate. Everything was being painted that color, I had to get out of there before they painted me!

Yes, I know about the samples. But I wanted to see the chips at home. The flint collection reads really blue to me, but I need to see it in better light...tomorrow.

busybee, my 24th poster on this thread...hmmm 24...oh sorry, it's just that number again. And I am surprised that I don't have a sample pot of weimer to look at. I know I wrote it down once and went to the store and then ruled it out before leaving. So that must mean something. But what? I don't know...

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Hi Bee! Still confused? Baltic gray looks beautiful in this pic. I know they say you should never go by pictures and should go by the lighting, etc. in your own home, but I still think this gives a little insight. I think your intuition is telling you baltic gray. Though it's an awesome color I definately think slate is too dark (I almost picked it for our exterior color). I was thinking gravel would be a good choice because it appeared a little more taupe until I saw the pic where it looks similar to what you already have. Still a nice color but too similar.

We have a new computer and the colors aren't showing up as accurate on this computer so I apologize if the colors have undertones I am not seeing!

Baltic gray

Gettysburg gray (hard to see I know and maybe a little purple?)

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Found myself outside the RH store yesterday and based on this post, I HAD to go in! SLATE on everything! All the raw/bleached wood collections you could thionk of were showcased! Yes, my store was still painting also, but as I walked around, no paint display anywhere. The store has a very different look and feel to it. NOT the same ole' RH anymore. No quirky gadgets, didn't see any candles or lotions. Maybe they didn't have everything out yet, but basically as I said, it was all painted slate with the lighter wood taking center stage and LOTS of natural linen on the upholstered pieces.

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kmcg85, wasn't the KoP store was it? That's where I was. What did you think of the color? I thought it was interesting, but maybe a little scary. I like dark colors, but it was really dark, I found it hard to see in there!

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Whoa! Um BKW - what region are you in? KoP RH is where I alsways go. I'm minutes away! Very soon after RH came out w/ their new look I stopped in and had opportunity to meet and chat w/ the regional manager who told me that the walls were slate. I was in shortly after they finished remodeling and painting and they still had lotions and hardware. Is it gone? Are they at it again?!

Megpie - that picture w/ the Gettysburg Grau is TDF!

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ttodd, I know you are around here, you were organizing the Manayunk pub crawl....I replied.

I work about 30 minutes from KoP, down in Chester County.

Oh yes, it was very odd being in there yesterday. Sort of like a dream--I was going in there in search of paint and they were painting! When does that happen? It was sort of an interactive shopping experience!

There was hardware displayed like jewelry in the cash register counter. There was furniture, some towels in gray colors, and some lights...and get this, they were switching the lightbulbs--not burned out, just switching them to something else....I have no idea what was happening. It was very surreal.

They said the color on the wall was Slate. It could have been Flint, because of the lighting, I don't think you could tell the difference between the two in there anyway. They were certainly covering a lighter color way in the back.

When I was there someone came in (another customer) and just gave a "whoa, this is different" comment.

Unless I go with RH Graphite, (I think the others are too dark. If we ever sell, I can only imagine a potential buyer wondering about the expense to cover up the dark colors), I think I'll stick with the Baltic Gray & others on that chip.

but I still haven't called the painter.

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I think that I like the Baltic Gray best w/ the green chair. Seems to compliment it best while letting both colors be a shining star w/o overpowering each one.

I'll check out the Manayunk posting. I'd only seen 2 or so responses and then it seemed to fall of to nowhere.

DH said that they are doing the Philly Pub Crawl Sept. 18th. Shoot me an e-mail if you're interested - I'd love to have a decorating person there to chit chat w/!

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KoP, pub crawls, WAIT what am I missing??? Since I don't know what KoP is, then I wasn't there, LOL! ETC is where I was...ha! The pub crawl has me intrigued. Imagine FINALLY meeting a fellow GW'er at a pub crawl??? What a great decorating buddy THAT would be!!

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KoP = King of Prussia Mall. It's a mall on steroids. I think it even was mentioned once on a SNL skit. It's a little over the top.

Located in the Philadelphia suburbs.

see link.

And btw, somehow, I think I'm digging the Gravel color. After this weekend's memorial service for my MIL, I might have to get a sample or two.

Just want to be sure. I guess the "it's only paint" really only applies when you are painting one or two rooms and you are not paying someone to do it. We are doing a few, and I'm having a painter do it--or it could really turn into a verrrry long project.

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Guess What? I thought that Gravel looked familiar, but you know when there are zillions of gray paint chips in the house, who wouldn't expect this?

The Gravel matches BM Pewter, exactly. At least to the naked eye, inside and out in daylight. Funny thing...Pewter was in my top 3 before it got eliminated for possibly being to dark. Also, Flint?, it matches the darkest chip on that card, I think it is "Gray".

Oh boy.

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