marilyn_cDecember 21, 2005

for a piece of junk. *sigh*

My friend's brother is a painter and did some work for a lady whose mother recently died, and she was getting the house ready to sell. She had an old that has the motor on top...stands up on legs...and gave it to him to "haul off." Since his sister is a big time junkaholic, of course, she was thrilled to get it. Plus, she gave her some old saws...router, jig saw, and a couple of others...I didn't really pay much attention to them. What I saw that caught my eye was a work bench. It was built like a long counter top and had, I think...36 small drawers in it. The top was made from 2 x 12's. The drawers rolled so smoothly...and in the middle, like where under a sink would go, was a door. I would love to have it for a kitchen counter. In fact, I have been looking for

something similar....some way to finish re-doing my kitchen

"on the cheap". I didn't measure it, but I think it is about 12' long. My kitchen is 16 x 22...had to make it big because I bought a couple of antique cupboards that need a lot of space. Anyway, I made an offer on it. She said she didn't think it could be moved...thought it was built to the wall, but my husband was with me, and he checked, and no...except for having to get a low boy trailer to move it,

it should move okay.

I hope I haven't jinxed myself, talking about it. It was sooo neat....or could be, with a little elbow grease. She's supposed to call and let me know. Cross your fingers for me...would you?

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des_arc_ya_ya! Not only my fingers, but also my toes are crossed for you, girl! It sounds wonderful! Sure hope you get it.

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Hope it does work out, Marilyn.

Sounds like a treasure, indeed.

My son got a big duffle bag with solid bottom and wheels at one end for Christmas - he was in 7th heaven.

His sister had invited us to Toronto, 120 mi. away, for Christmas last Sunday, as she was to be with her companion's family Christmas Day.

Then she planned to be with a family nearby whose wife has been her friend for about 10 years, I think, whom I've met several times. Another couple came who've been her friends for some time. It was a real nice afternoon and evening.

She and her companion got me an auto club membership - for my car, that turned up 333,333 km. on the odometer the other day (over 205,000 mi.).

I'm looking for another car.

Have a great Christmas - if that's important to you.

ole joyful

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Oh Marilyn that sounds pretty neat! I got my fingers crossed for you!
Hope to see a pic soon!!

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No word yet. :(

I may get my husband to call her...offer more money if necessary. I have a feeling that they think it will be a big job to move. It will be nothing compared to some of the things we have moved in the an old concrete water trough that is about 3 1/2 x 10' long and weighed no telling how many tons. He moved that for me from our old place to here.

It is just so neat....I don't think I will ever find anything I like as well. Shouldn't have gotten my hopes up, I guess.

Thanks for the good thoughts. ;)

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I'm seeing double...from having my eyes crossed....hope you hear soon!!!!
Blessings on 'ya!

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No word yet. I am having my friend's brother contact her...he has done work for her before...very handsome, suave, Brazilian, and she likes him. If that fails, I will just go to her house, cry, beg, plead....get mad...stomp my feet...end up jail....

I'm not giving up hope tho.

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I love old tools! Especially old bench top power tools. They are so simple to fix and so dependable. My dad has my grandfather's 1" bench top belt sander, I'd love to have it.

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Update us....any news on it yet???


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LOL attcha, Pattico! I've been wondering, too, Marilyn, did ya score yet!? LOL

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Yep, that's what I was checking on, too.

Great minds and all that. Tee hee.

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Man, that sounds like something sitting in my aunts' garage! They passed away in 2005 and we cleared out the house for them, but the only thing we left was the huge workbench my grandfather made. Its probably 10-12 feet long and built solid! But the little drawers were made with paneling fronts (left over paneling from the den, I suppose.) and I dont think they slide too easily... We left the workbench in the garage because frankily it was just too big and awkward to move. Never thought someone else might be interested in it!!! hmmmmm

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When someone titles a subject like this ...

... you can bet there'll be a lot of traffic.

ole joyful

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I'll go tell her to let us know!!!!!

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Noooo. No word. I never could get her name, so I drove to Galveston and drove around for an hour until I found the house. The house had belonged to the lady's mother, and she had died, and the house is for sale. I doubt they will want to sell it, altho I guess I can leave a notice with the realtor that I would buy it from the new owner. I should have offered her more money when I was there, but my husband was with me, and I am a little free-er with the money when he isn't around. Anyway, I had some money saved up, so could have paid more, and would have paid just about anything for it.

I want to use it as a kitchen counter. The little drawers slide like glass. It was sooooo coooool!!! I'll be sure and let you know any developements....I can't really think about anything else for the kitchen since I saw that. It would be so perfect with all my other old junk.

I did get a really nice little doctor's cabinet. I would post a pic but I can't find the charger to my camera. If I ever get to stay home long enough to clean house tho, I will find it and take a picture for all the junk afficienados here. ;)

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