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gabwpMay 14, 2009

Hi all.

I'm new to the forum.

I've been a stepmom for 16 years. Been with my hubby for 21 years. Have a SD who will be 26 in June and a SS that is 22. So, I have been in my SKs life pretty much forever.

SS has had no contact with DH and I for about 4 years now. He chose to cut off communication. We have went along with this, thinking that eventually he will grow up and call us. SD did this too at age 17, contacted us at 21.

SD is married and just had grandbaby #2. Beautiful baby girl. I see both my SKs and my grandbabies as mine. Yes, I didn't birth them, but I have been in their lives pretty much the entire time they have been alive.

SD and I are not getting along at all at the moment. She sent me an email a while ago, all mad that I told her GPs and SGPs (my parents), along with DH's brothers about their orders to Japan. She proceeded to infom me that I overstepped my role in telling their news. I told her news along after she had posted this news on her Myspace page. Didn't see an issue with letting her dad's family know after she had already informed all her friends and her mommy and stepdaddy. There was lots more nastiness in the email. Blaming me for SS not communicating and generally everything was my fault. Even brought up the wedding in Vegas for DHs brother that she didn't get to attend because she was pregnant and we did. Still don't understand that. We didn't expect her to go. She was preggo. Duh!

Anyway, Tuesday GB#2 was born. SD proceeded to TELL me that if I wanted to babysit GB#1 that I would do so at their house. That way GB#1 had her bed, toys and friends. Makes senses. EXCEPT! That GB#1 stays overnight here ALL THE TIME!!!! So, I told her FINE. She FINED me back. I have not been to see her or the new GB. I have not communicated with her at all. I have checked on her and GB#2 thru her hubby. I see it this way, if she wants to be bi***** with me, why should I, the evil stepmom go see her without her dad? He is TDY and will be back tomorrow.

So, thanks for the vent. I'm just so sick of being treated like the outsider. I'm not the outsider. I have been more of a mom to her and her brat brother then their own mother.



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I understand that you felt that telling the GP's and SGP's about the Japan thing was o.k. because she had posted it on her myspace, I suppose I would have asked her first to make sure it was allright to spread the news. Sounds like SD is totally punishing with the grandbabies, and that's just selfish and unfair on her part. You have the right to be angry about it, but you also need to just let her get it out of her system, being a new mom again and dealing with the hormones.

I wouldn't want to go to Vegas pregnant, either. Sounds like she was just EXPECTING to be brought along, not wanting to be left out. A bit spoiled?

You're allowed to be angry, but don't continue to carry it because it's just not healthy for anyone. I can't give you much advice about SS. 24 is still very young, he's got a lot of growing up to do.

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Whoops, I mean SS, 22 is very young... (don't know where 24 came from?)

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