Veil question...

pattie33February 11, 2008

I am having trouble choosing a veil - so I thought I'd ask for help - what factors did you / should I take into consideration?

Anything that pops into your mind I'd love to hear.


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DD had trouble too --- so she went down the aisle without one!

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Is your hair short or long?
How were you planning on wearing your hair?
I also think it depends on the type of dress you are wearing

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how clear do you want it to be? Spanish mantillas are thick lace; but there is tulle that's almost invisible.

(you can wear a veil w/ short hair)

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I have long hair, it will be half up / half down.

Dress is plain, but has fancy lace around hemline.

I only have pic of pattern, it will be the white one with lace around hem.

Morning ceremony in private backyard. (So real long veil would look strange or not?) Have no idea.

I appreciate the help ladies, thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a pic of pattern

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It reminds me of Carolyn Kennedy's dress;
she kept it simple & sleek (looks like a chiffon wrap instead of a veil), & it was beautiful.

Maybe keep your hair uncovered, or use a very simple, classic silver clip?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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For a morning wedding I would go with a shorter veil, probably not more than elbow length. You could also wear a tiara and no veil or flowers in your hair.

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I think short or fingertip at the longest usually looks nicest, unless you are very tall, and especially if the back of the dress has pretty details you don't want to cover up -- the ceremony is when everyone sees them. I would think that you don't want to be wrestling with a very long piece of fabric, especially outside. Plus, the front of the dress (it's very pretty) is short.

My veil was a fingertip-length mantilla attached to a little cap. I liked it fine. I had a Jewish wedding, so the shop attached a short illusion face veil for the ceremony.

Are you sewing your dress yourself?

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With a dress like that I wouldn't wear a veil at all. Personally, I think flowers or a tiara in your hair would look better. If you do want a veil, perhaps a single layer of tulle/chiffon, not gathered, no more than elbow length. As Syvia pointed out, sleek is what you should be aiming for with that style of dress.

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Thanks for your input everyone.

All the plans were going along so well, then I came to the veil issue, and I'm a nervous wreck about it for some reason. And I'm usually not the type that worries about anything, so I don't know what's going on with me!! The Bridezilla virus maybe ;)

Yes, I'll be making the dress, and veil, almost everything myself. The wedding industry is a big rip-off. (And hand-made usually better quality anyway.)

Well, thanks again ladies. All I have decided for now is no floor length veil, but that's a start!

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Consider borrowing a veil from a friend or relative. You have taken on so much already, and it's not like it wouldn't fit or something or that there would be much risk of tearing or soiling it, as there can be with a dress. They will be honored to be asked.

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Borrowing a veil is a good idea. I love veils. So be sure you really, really do not want one before abandoning the idea. Your wedding is the only time you get to wear one. But one practical bit we learned in planning DDs wedding from her hairdresser is that the veil will crush your hairdo depending on if it sits on top of your head or wherever. (I do love the veils that flow from the bottom of hair gathered in a chignon high on the back of the head too, and that kind would not crush.) So the hairdresser suggested DD consider wearing the veil at her reception too, which immediately followed the ceremony. She did and looked beautiful in it all night. It was long and so was gathered after the ceremony in a "bustle" at the back of her head. Hope this helps.

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I'm going to be a dissenting note here...
I would go with a mantilla style....very light weight....sheer bridal tulle, long in the back equal in length to the back of the dress, no face veil and on the sides no longer than elbow length.
The lace on the veil should be the same lace as trims your gown and the sweep and length should echo that of your gown.
If you could fasten it with a high comb, that would be spectacular, but I don't know if you are the high comb type or if your hair would lend itself to that.
Linda C

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