Canadian gals

mattie_2008May 19, 2010

Can any of the Canadian gals tell me where you are ordering your mosaic mesh from? Hoping to get it out of B.C. if possible.



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Mattie, I would just use some window screening . I've got some from the local Habitat for Humanity store. Where abouts in B.C are you. There's a couple of us here from the Island and Van.

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Whoohoo! Another BC'er!! We may have to plan a mini convention...heh heh! Any excuse for a P.A.R.T.Y.!!!
Oh...and I have also seen a guy use landscape fabric.

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I'm in Comox and the stained glass shop here doesn't seem to have even heard of the stuff. Can't see landscape cloth working but screening will???

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I love that stained glass shop! Bought a lot of the glass I used in my peacock project there, they had a better selection than Nanaimo...until I found the Victoria stained glass shop...that has a 30% off sale every year...right around my birthday...oh ya...happy birthday to meeee!!!! This guy uses the landscape fabric...

Here is a link that might be useful: BadBoy Mosaics

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OHMYGOODNESS. CALAM - that website sorta overwhelms me - makes me speechless.

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Ya, he is here in Nanaimo, there is nothing like him on the Island!!! He has 2 good saws and uses a garbage can set up like a cement mixer to's actually 2 cans, one can come out of the other(just set in to tumble). I LOVE his leaves...I tried to make them myself, maybe have to experiment some more...I'd do my kitchen with them...and my front door patio. I've been to his store and he has a table with landscape cloth draped on it and sits there with a WIP. He sure takes this to a all new level...very inspiring! I don't know if I could/want to do it as it must be soooo time consuming...I am an instant gratification gal...willing to cut corners to get er done! Plus I can't cut a straight line if my life depended on it!lol!

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Wow you know how he does his leaves? Like scoring marble or stone with a cutting tool? Dremel? They are cool.. he's quite an artist!!

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I believe so, re: either dremel or I was thinking a angle grinder with a diamond disc on it. I tried with my tile saw, but not seeing where it's touching...sorta didn't work as wel, plus he shapes his so nice! guess it just takes patience(I don't have)and practice(can't wait)!lol!

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