Pictures will come!

maddyaNovember 27, 2007

Yes, absolutely want to share my pictures of what I have done. I have completed my "deck scape" and a little scene outside my front door and I am thrilled. So now I am going to figure out how to post pics.

OH, anyone else have a darling, sweet, DH, who does not get the idea of TtoT at all, and wonders why I want this "junk"!?

:-( Sweet man just doesn't understand, the thrill of the "find". Surely I am not alone am I????? Well, he soon is going to be deployed to Kuwait for a year..then, indeed I will have lots of time to look for Junk! and wish he was back here with me hating it! But you can't change trash to treasure junkies like we are right?!?!?


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When DH and I first got married, he thought I was crazy. But I've totally converted him to a T2T junkie too! On garbage day, he is worse than I am looking at the curb while he's driving! But he's come home with some awesome stuff though! His best find was an antique armoire. It was covered in 4 layers of white paint, when we stripped it, it was solid mohagony!

There is hope yet! He might come around some day! : ) And you're right, you can't change trash to treasure can only convert those who aren't!!!

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