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jennifer9906February 27, 2004

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of the great suggestions, but since we are getting married in Jamaica and the reception will be in the hot Texas coast JUNE weather, we decided to go luau / Jimmy Buffet / Maragritaville flair and serve cheeseburgers and have a tiki hut to serve drinks from.. that is as far as I have gotten.. a tiki hut and grass skirts around the tables. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!


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My brother had a Jimmy Buffet/Margaritaville theme wedding several years ago. One thing I remember is that my other brother who was best man sent Jimmy Buffet an invitation to the wedding and got a personalized card from him saying something like "thanks for the invite, sorry I can't make it .....and then some really nice wedding wishes". My brother read it at the toasts. Everyone loved it. I was so impressed that he personally responded. Other things I remember about the wedding were lots of palms trees that were rented, centerpieces of pineapple with flowers in them, and everyone wearing flower lays (I have no idea how to spell that...I'm sure I got it wrong.) Oh, and for favors they gave out those little bottles of cocunut rum. Everyone really loved those too.

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Check out Oriental Trading Company and Archie McPhee

Oriental Trading Co has tons of stuff for luaus, including everything from grass skirts and coconut bras, to tiki torches and tiki cups... I'm sure you can find stuff there to go with your theme, and it's cheap... usually sold in bulk amounts, so perfect for parties...

Archie McPhee is hilarious and you can probably find more luau-type stuff there, but even if you can't you should check it out ;-) (They have great stuff if you're into kitsch)

I think this theme will be so much fun! Definitely need Margaritas as well as "Paradise" drinks to go with those cheeseburgers... (I'll have that song in my head all day! :P ) not sure what else... I'll keep thinking (-:


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I don't know if you care, but luaus, tiki stuff and grass skirts aren't Jamaica/Caribbean, they are Hawaii/South Pacific. (Jimmy Buffet and Margaritas make me think more of Mexico, but sort of also of Key West.) So if you want the party to be reflective of your wedding location, think palms, beach, coconuts, mangoes, papayas, bananas, fish, chicken and rice, ackee, reggae music, rum drinks and Red Stripe beer for sure, etc. -- maybe even pirates if you are feeling really theme-partyish. You'll probably want to read up a little bit about Jamaica before you go anyway, so do it a bit early to get ideas. No problem, Mon!

Fortunately, Caribbean food is fantastic. Consider adding some to your menu.

But it really doesn't matter -- if you want a luau, or a mix-and-match inter-ocean island feel, why not? This is a party, not a geography exam!

It really sounds like a fun party (and a nice change for your guests). Enjoy!

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I like the lei (sp?) idea. When people sign your guest book you could have the attendant give them a it, even if it's not Jamaican, Jimmy Buffet wears them along with Hawaiian shirts. Michaels has the tiki torches. I have used them on my patio and cemented them in old coffee cans and covered in fabric. Don't know where you are having the ceremony but you could use them to define the aisle. I was married at a Polynesian locale and my bouquet was made of banana leaves and orchids, was very tropical looking. I LOVE carribean steel drum music, I would use that too. I agree, mixing and matching the different islands is fine.

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I made boutonniers for my wedding out of seashells. Just hot-glue corsage pins onto them; you can add leaves or flowers if you want to, but I left mine plain and they looked nice. Everyone loved them, especially me - I thought they looked much cooler than regular boutonniers. You can get shells online or at craft stores (or the beach of course). They are very cheap.

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Your theme is exactly what my daughter wants for her July 2005 wedding. So glad to find this thread. We are watching for tropical prints to clearance at fabric stores for table runners and napkins, and whatever else we can think of. They are going to have margarita glasses instead of champaign glasses for their toast and we are renting water coolers so we can fill the 5 gallon jugs with margaritas. We are planning non alcoholic margaritas for younger guests and non drinkers. They will be a different flavor/color so we can make sure none of our younger guests are sneaking a drink!
We are defintely going with a burger bar at the reception, not sure what the rest of the menu will be yet.
After reading one of the posts above, I'm definitely inviting Mr. Buffet!!! Hope he responds!
Hoping to see more ideas.

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One of my bridal showers had that theme... here's a link to some pictures :)

Almost all of the decorations came from Oriental Trading Company...

I wish you the best with your wedding! :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: Margaritaville/Luau Shower

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Duckyhead, so glad you posted the pics! The palm trees I see in the background - are those the Sparkle Laser Palm trees from O. E. - looks like the trunk is streamers? Price in the catalog is 3.95 each. Got my catalog a couple of days ago and I like the way yours look in the pictures. Thanks.

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I was going to suggest the pineapple centerpieces too. Usually you have to cut a little of the bottom off so they don't tip over. If you do, set the pineapple on a small plate to catch the juices that will run out.

I catered a Jimmy Buffet concert once (for some attendees, not Jimmy!) and gave them tiny goodie bags with a pack of Juicy Fruit, Halloween size boxes of Junior Mints, tiny plastic sailboats and some hard candies. They loved it.

You could sprinkle packs of Juicy Fruit and boxes of Junior mints around the centerpiece, or just have a big basket of them.

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Nanaof2, you're right, those are the Sparkle Laser Palm Trees... they turned out to be really neat! We hung them up everywhere! :)

The party favors were the straw hats (dollar store), little hawaiian print fabric bags from OTC filled with flip flops and sunscreen as well as leis (necklace and bracelets). I recommend the dollar store for filling goodie bags...

Also, we used the OTC hawaiian print bandanas as napkins as well as to cover pillows for the sofa...

Have fun with the planning! It will be so much fun :)

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