Glass Bandsaw

becky_iaMay 18, 2008

Been thinking of purchasing a glass bandsaw. I guess I don't need one with all the bells & whistles, but one moderately priced. Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions?


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I have the Taurus 3 Ringsaw and am quite happy with it! What I like about it is because it is a ring saw, I can cut at all angles, not just go straight ahead. I've even cut 1/2inch thick marble with it. It's def the cat's meow...

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I too have a Taurus 3 ringsaw and it has been a good one - - I have had it for about 3 years and have cut glass, pottery, porcelain, and even thick floor tiles (going very slowly). Still have not had to change the blade.

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I know there are BAND saws, as well as the Taurus, but it's been a long time since I checked them out. Didja Google your subject? I think I did once, when I was looking for a saw w/a large throat. I finally experimented w/my tile wet saw and discovered the wonderful things it does other than just cut tile. Recently cut the stems off wine glasses. W/try some bottles when time permits. CALAM has already done that. I use the Taurus for glass only, and the tile saw for hard stuff, like $store plates.

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Thanks so much for the suggestions. Sounds like a Taurus is what I should get. I see it comes with an instructional DVD. I started a project that I will need to use it for right away. How hard is it to learn how to use? Will I need to have any special training?

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No. As I recall, I filled it up to the water line and started sawing. Mine didn't come with instructions. If you are usisng it inside, you should place a large towel under it so that water spray doesn't get on your work surface.

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