sealing a leaky mosaic birdbath

carolsewzitMay 11, 2010

Is it safe to seal the inside of a birdbath with silicone caulk? If not what is safe to use for the birds.

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Hey Carol! What is your birdbath made of? plastic/resin/concrete....

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Good question from CALAM. If it's concrete, I'm surprised it's leaking, cuz I found that my new concrete birdbath self-sealed after a few weeks. If plastic, then the silicon w/work. Is it a small leak or an all-over leak?

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Its made of ceramic tile and grout. I've had it 5 years and the grout is coming off in spots and causing it to leak. The problem is that I already coated the whole inside with the silicone...its defiantly waterproof now,but my concern is about the silicone being toxic to the birds that drink from it.It's completely dry now but I'm afraid to fill it without knowing if it's safe. I realize I should have posted before I did the procedure, but its done now, so I guess I just wanted to see if anyone knows if it would be safe. Its so beautiful but I cant use it if I'm not sure. Guess I would have to put plants in it if nothing else and buy a new birdbath.

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I sealed the top of an urn with silicone, let it cure for 48 hours and started the water. The birds were in it all of the time. I don't believe you will have any problems if you let is cure before adding water. Go for it.

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