Replacing stall shower door w/ a curtain??

Sueb20August 19, 2008

I know the shower door vs. curtain issue has been discussed, but I do prefer a curtain. Right now we're at our summer place and one of the bathrooms has a 3/4 size stall shower. The door is gross. It's just old and icky; will spare you the details about how it looks around the corners and edges! The shower unit is set between two walls, so logistically we could use a curtain there on a tension rod. But I'm wondering if there's any good reason NOT to use a curtain on this type of shower stall. I can't remember if I've ever seen it done before. The front edge does have a raised edge that's a few inches high but I wonder if it's high enough to keep the water from sneaking out. Any idea?

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I've had both in a similar area and it really depends on how much the edges gets sprayed of the curtain. I liked the door better after putting it in because there always was some that came out along the edges. It really depends on the size though of your shower.

I always had to put the liner on the inside of the threshold wet the vertical edges and get the liner to attach to the sides and then I got less water outside, but some always seemed to come out anyways.

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Come to my house and you can see a shower stall with a curtain and liner. It's in the bath in our basement. The lip is 1.5 inches high and water stays in the shower.

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I found a liner that has little integral suction cups along both outer edges of the liner. Once I hung it on the rod, I adhered one side of the liner to the side of the shower - it has stayed in place perfectly and we've never had any spillage onto the floor. I don't remember where I purchased the liner, probably Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or somewhere similar, but it does a great job.

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Have you considered one of those neat bowed shower rods? We recently stayed at a hotel up in Colorado that had one and I was amazed at how much more room it gave you. To me, it's much less claustrophobic than the regular rods.

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Ooh, good idea Lynn -- we have one of those in the claustrophobic shower upstairs and love it. We'd seen them in hotel rooms too and thought they might be hard to find, but I got one at Home Depot!

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This is a major, major question for me, and I thank the OP for asking about it. I hate, hate, hate glass doors. We removed the one on our front bath tub when we moved in here 20 years ago and I've never regretted it. Now we have to remodel the MBathR and I am dreading replacing the horrid, icky, yucky, nasty glass doors. With my bad back and DH's bad knees, we are not as good about cleaning as we used to be.

So - how do you feel about the safety issue, since you can't exactly grab the curtain? What do you do to make the shower safer? Is it possible to install a curtain, and then, if it doesn't work so well, put in real doors later?

Sueb20 - good luck with your decision. I perfectly understand your description of your shower door!

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When I remodeled the house we own up in NY that we lease out, I made lovely shower curtains for both baths that coordinated with the towels and color scheme for each bath. Imagine my surprise to get to the job site and find out that the builder had installed glass doors in both baths! I was so disappointed because the rooms really looked more attractive with the coordinating curtains.

Sable - you can install a curtain in your bath for now. Shower doors can always be added later, if, and when, someone else prefers them. If you are remodeling your bath now, you can have safety bars permanently installed when the tiling is installed on the inside of the shower.


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That's interesting about the bowed rods! I have never seen one. The shower at our lake cabin is only slightly larger than an old fashioned phone booth and the floor does get wet. Right now I'm having an issue with the well and several projects going on at home but it wouldn't hurt to look at Home Depot and have it on hand. Thanks for the tip!

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